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Intern Life: Educational Housing Services

As most of you probably know by now, I interned in New York City this summer. After months of researching, planning, & applying for internships, I was so excited to finally make it to the city. One of the hardest things to decide was where to stay. When interning during the summer, you will have plenty of options. It is just a matter of finding the perfect location, price & room type for you. You may choose to stay at a university dorm or sublease an apartment. After weeks of researching & comparing, I finally settled on staying with Educational Housing Services & I was so glad I did!

Educational Housing Services is a nonprofit company that offers housing for students & interns. They have several locations throughout New York so I would pick the one closest to your internship. I interned right in Times Square so for me, the New Yorker was the ideal location. I was lucky enough to be offered an internship in January so I was able to book early & secure a single room.


Although the New Yorker residence is actually located within the New Yorker Hotel, these rooms are DORMS. Several students who stayed in this residence were completely unaware of this fact & ended up being disappointed with their rooms. So know going in that you will be living in a typical dorm room & the rooms should live up to (or close to) your expectations. I found them to be very comparable to the dorms at Florida State.


I was especially pleased with the staff. Everyone was SO friendly! The day I moved in, their staff loaded all of my luggage into a cart which was delivered to my room while I checked in. The whole check in experience was super easy, organized & fast. Throughout my stay, the staff continued to be friendly & was always eager to help out or answer any questions.


I loved that EHS held socials for their residents. This definitely gives them an edge among the other types of internship housing. I did not attend many socials because I was always busy but it was always nice to have them as an option. Definitely a great way to meet new people!


I really enjoyed my experience with EHS & will definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking of interning in New York. Definitely look into all of your options & choose the option that is best for you but I am 100% happy with the decision I made. I had a great room, was minutes away from everything in New York & found some great friends! In the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Interested in staying with them? You can give them a call at (800) 385-1689. Already decided? The application process is simple. Just fill out the form & don’t forget to mention that Chandra Robrock referred you. :)

If You’re Ever In: New York

One of my all-time favorite boutiques is LF Stores. I have visited their SoHo location two times prior to living in New York this summer & after 11 weeks of trying to find the best boutiques, LF still tops my list! I have said so many times how excited I am because next year I will FINALLY be living in New York to shop their only sale of the season. Little did I know that their spring sale would start my last day in New York. Best surprise ever!

The entire store was 60% off & will continue to be marked down until they get rid of all of their spring merchandise. The store was absolute chaos but completely worth it! If you are ever in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, or Boston during one of their AMAZING sales, I highly recommend allowing at least two hours to shop. There are so many fabulous finds but you will have to dig & walk around the store several times. Also, the lines for the dressing room & the checkout can get extremely long. I put my name down for the dressing room when I found a handful of good items but continued browsing while I was waiting for my name to be called and ended up with at least double the items. I also recommend shopping at LF prior to their sale. You will be able to get a feel of the store and at least have an idea of the items you want. All of the items I had my eye on earlier on in the summer I ended up buying at 60% off.


If You’re Ever In: New York City (Food Edition)

This summer, I interned for a public relations company in New York City. After living in New York for three months & vowing to try a new restaurant every night (although, I admit, we occasionally cheated), I found some amazing restaurant finds.

Here is the best of the best!

BEST PIZZA: Keste – best pizza in New York hands down & my overall favorite restaurant!

BEST BURRITO: Rachel’s Taqueria in Brooklyn – absolutely loved this burrito & you really can’t beat the prices.

BEST BURGER: Local West – delicious burgers whether you order a regular burger or the sliders. Eat on the rooftop deck if it is nice out!

BEST FRIES: Shorty’s – such a small town bar with delicious fries that left us coming back for more! They are known for the Philly cheesesteak.

BEST MAC & CHEESE: Southern Hospitality – whether you just want it on the side or for the main course, you really can’t go wrong. If you want different flavors of mac & cheese, try restaurants like S’mac & Macbar.

BEST SANDWICH: Alice’s Tea Cup – delicious & filling! You should also try one of their AMAZING scones for only $3. Plus, you really can’t beat the whimsical atmosphere.

BEST HOT DOG: Ditch Plains – they have something called the Ditch Dog which is a hot dog covered in mac n’ cheese! It started out as a joke until they realized how delicious it was!

BEST QUICK BITE: Shake Shack – when I just wanted to grab something quick on my way home from work, I always opted for Shake Shack. There is usually always a line but it goes quick, I promise. I recommend ordering the cheese fries – so good!

BEST PANCAKES: Clinton Baking Company – voted “Best Pancakes” in 2008 by New York Magazine. Enough said!

BEST BRUNCH: Pangea – delicious food, inexpensive prices & the perfect outdoor seating area to enjoy brunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

BEST BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH: Aspen’s Social Club – $25 gets you an entree & unlimited mimosas & bloody marys. We went here for a friend’s birthday & the inside is fabulously decorated. Great food, wonderful service & a unique atmosphere for the win!

BEST MARGARITA: Burrito Loco – the BEST.

BEST DOUGHNUTS: Doughnut Plant – so many different types of doughnuts ranging from glazed to creme brulee to peanut butter & jelly.

BEST COOKIES: Levain Bakery – these cookies are hard on the outside, soft (almost cake-like) on the inside and HUGE. I highly recommend ordering the double chocolate peanut butter cookie but you really can’t go wrong!

BEST FROZEN YOGURT: 16 Handles – in Tallahassee, I am surrounded by tons of self-serve frozen yogurt places that this place instantly felt like home to me. 16 different flavors all day, every day with tons of amazing toppings.

BEST CUPCAKE: Crumb’s Bake Shop although my other favorites include Butterlane Cupcakes & The Cupcake Stop truck. They recently came out with cobbler cupcakes which I am now addicted to. I’ve tried the apple cobbler & cherry cobbler – both delicious! Also love the cookies & cream cupcake.

BEST CAKE: Billy’s Bakery – for $5, you will get the largest & most delicious piece of cake in all of New York!

BEST DESSERT: Max Brenners – whether you want chocolate fondue, a sundae or s’mores pizza, you really can’t go wrong with Max Brenners. So go ahead & skip dinner one night to head here for dessert!

Top Five: New York City iPhone Applications

Last week, I moved to New York for the summer to intern for a fashion-based public relations company. New York has always been thought of as the city that never sleeps & this is 100% true. So how do you make the most out of your New York city experience? Download these five iPhone applications right now!

1. FourSquare is a MUST in any city but in a city as popular as New York, Foursquare will serve as your guide to everything New York. When you check into a venue such as a restaurant, you can read through the tips that other users have left to figure out what you should order. Some places even offer specials when you check in. Just last night I got a free chocolate mousse dessert at Vapiano & it was DELICIOUS. In the past, I have used Foursquare to get free chips & salsa at Chili’s, fried green tomatoes at Lee Roy Selmons & a medium iced coffee from Crumbs Bake Shop.

2. Lustr is every fashon lover’s dream app. If you have ever wanted someone to just tell you when the hottest sales are then download this app immediately! Whether it’s a sale at Saks Fifth Avenue or a Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale, this app will let you in on everything you need to know.

3. Pulsd is one of my favorite apps. You can use this app if you live in New York or San Francisco to find out what awesome events are happening each day with the majority of the events being free. Pulsd posts everything from free concerts and sample sales to food giveaways and free cooking classes. If you live in either of these two cities, you are missing out if you don’t download this app right now!

4. Square is a great app when going out to eat with a few of your friends. A lot of restaurants in New York won’t want to split the check. This app solves this problem quite easily. It allows your friends to pay you directly with just the swipe of a credit card. That way you can put the bill on your credit card while any of your friends who don’t have cash on them can pay you via credit card. For more information, go to:

5. HopStop, NYSubview, and Google Maps are a must-have for the directionally challenged & lost. Okay, okay so they are really three different apps but I couldn’t resist only choosing one because I use them all differently. HopStop is perfect for people who are new to the subway, don’t (or simply refuse to) understand it or when you are just in a hurry. This app tells you what train to take, what stops to pass & when to exit. NYSubview is my favorite offline subway map. So easy to read & understand! Google Maps I mainly use when running errands around the office. Put it on walking mode for an estimated travel time & quickest route. There is no sense being lost as a New York intern with any of these apps!

Did your favorite NYC-related app make the list? What other apps should I download?

How To: Pack for Your Summer Internship

Next week, I will be heading to New York City to intern at a fashion-based public relations company. As excited as I am to be embarking on this new adventure, the thought of packing 11 weeks of clothing in only a few suitcases seems nearly impossible. So what do you actually need?

DO find out what the work atmosphere will be like. If you interviewed with the company in-person, you should have been aware of everything about the office including what people were wearing. If you didn’t interview in-person (or were just too nervous/anxious to be observant), feel free to shoot your internship coordinator a quick email.
DO NOT forget about the weekends! Although you will be spending the majority of your time at the office, don’t forget to bring clothing for weekend activities!
DO research where you will be living. If you are staying in any type of dorm, you will need bedding and other miscellaneous items whether it is a desk lamp, towels or a shower curtain. Decide which of these items to will pack and which you will purchase when you get to the city.
DO NOT over-pack! As hard as it may be, try to only bring the items you absolutely need. For work, I would recommend coming up with a few outfits beforehand. This way you will be able to determine whether you need all of the clothing items that you are packing, how to style each outfit, and how many times you should expect to rotate your outfits. The more room you save for office attire, the more room you will have to bring fun weekend clothing!

So now that we got through all of the do’s and don’ts, what exactly should you wear to your internship? Below are three looks I am loving for a summer internship. Keep in mind that if your work environment is NOT business casual, you should stay more towards Look #3. You might be able to pull off Look #1 but I would wait until you are 100% sure of how everyone else in the office dresses. Better to be overdressed on your first day on the job rather than underdressed.

LOOK ONE: Calypso Butterfly Top; Z Spoke by Zac Posen Skirt; Chinese Laundry Heels. LOOK TWO: Elizabeth & James Blazer; Juicy Couture Bow Dress; Vera Wang Lavender Ballet Flats; Michael Kors Watch. LOOK THREE: Theory Jumpsuit; Theory Blazer; United Bamboo Belt; Black Pumps.

LOOK ONE: I am absolutely in love with this Z Spoke by Zac Posen skirt. I found this skirt at Off Fifth (which is where I score the greatest deals on designer clothing) and found this to be the perfect skirt for an internship. I have it in navy as well. The pink skirt I pair with an ivory top like this. With the navy, I pair it with it’s matching Z Spoke shell for a chic ensemble. These skirts look great with a variety of tops which is perfect for an internship because you can wear it more than once!

LOOK TWO: In a creative industry, you can easily get away with throwing a blazer on top of your favorite day dress in order to make it a bit more internship appropriate. Throw on your favorite watch, a few other accessories and you are good to go!

LOOK THREE: I was so excited when I found this Theory jumpsuit for $17 and Theory blazer for $20 (both at Off Fifth)! They look great when worn separately but are perfect for a more professional work atmosphere when paired together. Throw on a pair of heels, a black skinny belt and you are all set for a full day of interning!


- For your first day or any day you know you will be running around or standing on your feet for long periods of time, wear flats or wedges. Your feet will thank you!
- If you invest in a few different style/color blazers and dress pants – you will be all set. These two items are so easy to mix-and-match and are 100% internship appropriate.
- Make sure to pack a notebook as well! You will want to bring it with you daily to take notes and keep yourself organized.

If you are interning in New York this summer, feel free to shoot me an email or connect with me on Twitter!

Must-Haves: Fall 2010

Here in Tallahassee, it is slowly starting to feel like fall. What are my must-haves this season?

1. Gold Watch - it seems like everyone is choosing a nice gold watch as their go-to accessory this fall. The leader of this gold watch trend? Michael Kors, of course!

2. Fur Vest – during these cooler months, I am loving the fur vest. Wear a fur vest over a simple long sleeve t-shirt for an ultra-chic yet simple to pull off look.

3. Riding Boots - since buying the perfect brown boots at Coach a few years ago, I have been craving a great pair of black boots. I finally stumbled upon these amazing black Cadley riding boots by Juicy Couture in New York.

4. Deep Red Nail Polish - I am a huge fan of pink nail polish for the spring & summer months but have decided to trade them in for a nice, deep red. If you have an Ulta Beauty store near you, try their brand name nail polish in 34 Plum Street for only $5.

5. Lace Up Booties – I found a pair very similar to the pair shown above at Nordstrom Rack and they are absolutely adorable. They are the perfect shoe to wear to pull off a more Western style look for fall.

6. Double Finger Rings – I have been loving the double finger rings ever since seeing Lauren Conrad’s personalized double finger ring but lately, this trend seems to be popping up everywhere. LF Stores had a great selection of double rings when I went in New York but online, I feel that Topshop has an amazing selection.

7. Long-Sleeved Lace Dress – countless numbers of FSU students showed up in a fabulous lace dress for the CLUTCH Magazine release party which has left me craving one of my own.

What are your fall 2010 must-haves?

Inspired By: MTV’s “The City”

Nothing is better than watching four girls journeys to break into the fashion industry than watching what they wear while they do so.

Must-haves from “The City”:
- Oversized shirts paired with skinny jeans & pumps
- Lace tights (Whitney Port designed a pair for her first collection)
- A fashionable watch
- Sequins, bows & lots of black!

Tune in tonight at 10:30pm EST on MTV to watch an all new episode of “The City”

Events: Fashion’s Night Out

nyfnoFor those of you that don’t know, Fashion’s Night Out is happening next week in New York City. The goal of Fashion’s Night Out is to help the economy by promoting both retail and fashion. On Thursday, September 10th, participating retailers all over New York will keep their doors open late.

Different events will be taking place throughout the night at participating retailers. Walk the red carpet at H&M, create your own custom handbag at Chanel or meet up with celebrities at Bergdorf Goodman. Most events will be held between the hours of 6pm and 11pm.

Fashion’s Night Out is not just being held in New York City. Fashion’s Night Out is a global celebration with events being held in Greece, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, India, China and Spain.

If you happen to be in New York City next Thursday night, I would highly suggest that you go. And if you happen to purchase a plane ticket for me to go too, I definitely wouldn’t complain.

All of the information that you need can be found at Fashion’s Night Out official website.

How To: Dress Like Serena and Blair

gossipgirl1This Monday night on the CW, the Gossip Girl season finale airs. But I am not here to discuss what is to come on the finale, I am here to discuss Gossip Girl fashion. Gossip Girl has served as a fashion icon to young girls since it has first aired.

Every character on Gossip Girl has their own unique style. They even wear their uniforms differently. Standing out in uniforms? Now THAT’S fashion. On school days, Serena is known for her short plaid skirts and a white button up shirt with either pumps for knee high boots. For a more casual look, she will layer with a vest or sweater. Serena’s BFF Blair’s style seems much more put together. She prefers longer skirts, longer shirts and a bow tie. She finishes almost every outfit off with a headband. Her signature style headband has a big bow on one side.

When the girls aren’t in school, they still maintain their own unique fashion identity. Serena’s favorite item of cgossipgirl7lothing lately has been her chic leather jacket featured in many of the newest episodes. Blair loves wearing tights to make a statement. Whether its a solid color under a short skirt or lace tights under a cocktail dress, she always looks fabulous.

So how can you steal their sweet looks?

If you want to dress like Serena… You will want to find nice cut jackets, a plaid skirt, knee high socks, a leather jacket and boots. She loves layering items of clothing in order to get her rocker chic style.

If you want to dress like Blair…You will want to find cute summer dresses, headbands, leggings, stylish bag and a peacoat with a matching hat. She loves her accessories, especially when it comes to her hair. She usually likes to leave her brown locks down. By just adding her signature bow headband or a cute hat, her hair can match the rest of the outfit without much effort.