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How To: Pack for Your Summer Internship

Next week, I will be heading to New York City to intern at a fashion-based public relations company. As excited as I am to be embarking on this new adventure, the thought of packing 11 weeks of clothing in only a few suitcases seems nearly impossible. So what do you actually need?

DO find out what the work atmosphere will be like. If you interviewed with the company in-person, you should have been aware of everything about the office including what people were wearing. If you didn’t interview in-person (or were just too nervous/anxious to be observant), feel free to shoot your internship coordinator a quick email.
DO NOT forget about the weekends! Although you will be spending the majority of your time at the office, don’t forget to bring clothing for weekend activities!
DO research where you will be living. If you are staying in any type of dorm, you will need bedding and other miscellaneous items whether it is a desk lamp, towels or a shower curtain. Decide which of these items to will pack and which you will purchase when you get to the city.
DO NOT over-pack! As hard as it may be, try to only bring the items you absolutely need. For work, I would recommend coming up with a few outfits beforehand. This way you will be able to determine whether you need all of the clothing items that you are packing, how to style each outfit, and how many times you should expect to rotate your outfits. The more room you save for office attire, the more room you will have to bring fun weekend clothing!

So now that we got through all of the do’s and don’ts, what exactly should you wear to your internship? Below are three looks I am loving for a summer internship. Keep in mind that if your work environment is NOT business casual, you should stay more towards Look #3. You might be able to pull off Look #1 but I would wait until you are 100% sure of how everyone else in the office dresses. Better to be overdressed on your first day on the job rather than underdressed.

LOOK ONE: Calypso Butterfly Top; Z Spoke by Zac Posen Skirt; Chinese Laundry Heels. LOOK TWO: Elizabeth & James Blazer; Juicy Couture Bow Dress; Vera Wang Lavender Ballet Flats; Michael Kors Watch. LOOK THREE: Theory Jumpsuit; Theory Blazer; United Bamboo Belt; Black Pumps.

LOOK ONE: I am absolutely in love with this Z Spoke by Zac Posen skirt. I found this skirt at Off Fifth (which is where I score the greatest deals on designer clothing) and found this to be the perfect skirt for an internship. I have it in navy as well. The pink skirt I pair with an ivory top like this. With the navy, I pair it with it’s matching Z Spoke shell for a chic ensemble. These skirts look great with a variety of tops which is perfect for an internship because you can wear it more than once!

LOOK TWO: In a creative industry, you can easily get away with throwing a blazer on top of your favorite day dress in order to make it a bit more internship appropriate. Throw on your favorite watch, a few other accessories and you are good to go!

LOOK THREE: I was so excited when I found this Theory jumpsuit for $17 and Theory blazer for $20 (both at Off Fifth)! They look great when worn separately but are perfect for a more professional work atmosphere when paired together. Throw on a pair of heels, a black skinny belt and you are all set for a full day of interning!


- For your first day or any day you know you will be running around or standing on your feet for long periods of time, wear flats or wedges. Your feet will thank you!
- If you invest in a few different style/color blazers and dress pants – you will be all set. These two items are so easy to mix-and-match and are 100% internship appropriate.
- Make sure to pack a notebook as well! You will want to bring it with you daily to take notes and keep yourself organized.

If you are interning in New York this summer, feel free to shoot me an email or connect with me on Twitter!

A Fashion Year in Review: 2010!

As the end of 2010 is upon us, I wanted to take this time to reflect on the past. As far as fashion, it is clear that this year three brands dominated my heart this year. These three brands include French Connection, Marc by Marc Jacobs & Wildfox Couture. Thinking deeper than that, I compiled a list of my favorite finds this year.

This list included a Theory blazer, Gucci sunglasses, French Connection dress, Michael Kors watch, Wildfox Couture sweatshirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Juicy Couture riding boots & the Marc by Marc Jacobs perfect purse. Although some of these items made the list because they were a killer deal, they have all become staples in my wardrobe this year.

But of course, this is a time for not only reflecting on fashion, but also on myself personally. 2010 was a major year in my life & I am thankful for everything – the good times and bad.


-Served as the secretary for FSU’s Collegiate Merchandising Association, ran for 2011 President & lost by one vote but no regrets – everything happens for a reason!
- Became the Public Relations Director for FSU’s CLUTCH Magazine. Instantly began working on finding a way to publish an online version of the magazine (for free, of course!) & starting a blog.
- Completed my first internship with Intern Queen Inc. and will continue on as a campus ambassador next semester
- Met Andrea through my summer internship with Intern Queen Inc. & we collaborated in the fall to create the first-ever #CampusFashion Twitter chat – HUGE success!
- Became a campus ambassador for Kembrel where I began increasing awareness of this awesome website on Florida State’s campus while also saving up money to intern in NYC this summer

After reflecting on all that I have accomplished in one year, I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life & what all year 2011 will bring.

Happy new year everyone & thanks for reading! xoxo

Must-Haves: Fall 2010

Here in Tallahassee, it is slowly starting to feel like fall. What are my must-haves this season?

1. Gold Watch - it seems like everyone is choosing a nice gold watch as their go-to accessory this fall. The leader of this gold watch trend? Michael Kors, of course!

2. Fur Vest – during these cooler months, I am loving the fur vest. Wear a fur vest over a simple long sleeve t-shirt for an ultra-chic yet simple to pull off look.

3. Riding Boots - since buying the perfect brown boots at Coach a few years ago, I have been craving a great pair of black boots. I finally stumbled upon these amazing black Cadley riding boots by Juicy Couture in New York.

4. Deep Red Nail Polish - I am a huge fan of pink nail polish for the spring & summer months but have decided to trade them in for a nice, deep red. If you have an Ulta Beauty store near you, try their brand name nail polish in 34 Plum Street for only $5.

5. Lace Up Booties – I found a pair very similar to the pair shown above at Nordstrom Rack and they are absolutely adorable. They are the perfect shoe to wear to pull off a more Western style look for fall.

6. Double Finger Rings – I have been loving the double finger rings ever since seeing Lauren Conrad’s personalized double finger ring but lately, this trend seems to be popping up everywhere. LF Stores had a great selection of double rings when I went in New York but online, I feel that Topshop has an amazing selection.

7. Long-Sleeved Lace Dress – countless numbers of FSU students showed up in a fabulous lace dress for the CLUTCH Magazine release party which has left me craving one of my own.

What are your fall 2010 must-haves?

Cheap Finds: Free People 34th Street Tunic

Last week, I featured a post inspired by ABC Family’s new hit show Pretty Little Liars. For the outfit inspired by Hanna, I used a cute tunic/dress from Free People. I say tunic/dress because I actually purchased this item under the assumption that it was a dress but Free People refers to it as a tunic. If you read the reviews on, you will find that a few people did complain that the item was either too short to wear as a dress or too long to wear as a shirt. Everyone else referred to it as a dress & loved it. I am fairly tall with long legs so finding dresses that hit me at the right length are hard to find. This dress seemed to be the perfect length. I will warn you, however, that the fabric near the bottom of the tunic is sheer so if you plan to wear it as a dress, make sure you wear something light under it. It also ties in the back so you can give the dress more shape if you want.

I originally purchased the Free People 34th Street Tunic for $70 (original price being $98) but it is now on sale online at for only $30! You can purchase it here.

Bracelet: Juicy Couture;  Ring: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Steve Madden; Vest: Current/Elliot; Purse: Topshop

Must-Have: Graduation Gift for 2010

Graduation is just around the corner which means that now is the time to start looking for the perfect graduation gift. For a more stylish option, I always turn to Juicy Couture. Unfortunately, this year was a major disappointment compared with the diverse selection they presented last year. Luckily, their new 2010 Class Ring Key Fob is absolutely adorable. Juicy Couture does a fabulous job at mixing signature Juicy symbols such as the Juicy heart charm as well as the cut-out heart while also incorporating the traditional class ring. I love that they chose to make the class ring hot pink, which in the past has been a lighter shade of pink, in order to really make this key fob pop. This is the perfect gift for your 2010 high school or college grad!

You can purchase the 2010 Class Ring Key Fob online for $48. They also have the 2010 Class Ring Necklace for $48 and Graduation Photo Album which is on sale for $37.

Cheap Finds: T.J. Maxx

This past weekend, I went to T.J. Maxx in Tampa and found some great finds! Tops from two of my favorite brands, Juicy Couture and Romeo & Juliet Couture, as well as a classic Ralph Lauren polo all for MUCH less than their retail value.

Juicy Couture “Juicy Juicy Juicy” T-Shirt - everyone could use another casual tee in their closet. What I love about this particular shirt is how soft the fabric is. This shirt was only $19.99 compared to $68.00.

Romeo & Juliet Couture Ivory Top - I love Romeo & Juliet Couture. The clothing I own from this brand are among my favorites. This top is absolutely adorable and perfect for spring. It goes great with a flirty skirt which is a must-have item this spring! I purchased this top for only $16.99 compared to the retail value of $80.00.

Ralph Lauren Gray Polo - everyone needs a classic polo for their wardrobe. Ralph Lauren is known for their polos so when I saw this at T.J. Maxx for only $24.99, I couldn’t resist. Retail value for Ralph Lauren’s polos start at $75.00.

I purchased all three shirts for only $61.97 which saved me at least $161!

Events: Teen Vogue Fashion U 2009


“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

This past weekend, I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University which is a week long fashion workshop in New York City hosted by Teen Vogue. I applied during the summer but they only take 500 people from across the world so I was worried that I would not get in. Needless to say, I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out I was accepted!

Friday night was the kickoff event at Juicy Couture. Juicy Couture was gave a 25% discount for all Teen Vogue Fashion U students and a guest. We were also handed Pink Passports that can be used at any Juicy Couture store and they gave away a $75 gift card. Even without the discounts and freebies, the party was fabulous! I had so much fun!

On Saturday, we had seminars all day. Once you are accepted, you receive a list of seminars that they are offering and you can sign up for whichever ones you want (provided they aren’t already full). My first seminar of the day was with ‘Gossip Girl’ stylist Eric Daman. I was very excited to hear his insight in the world of styling since that is the area of the fashion world that I am most interested in. He gave us great insight on what it is REALLY like to style for a television show. He claimed that he usually gets the script a week before they shoot the scenes meaning he has to come up with 200+ outfits a week! Sounds like a crazy yet exciting life!

My next seminar was with the editors of Teen Vogue including Amy Astley. They were more than willing to answer any and all of our questions about the fashion industry, working in a magazine, internships and more. My third seminar was with Cynthia Rowley. Her story of success was very unique. She got discovered on a subway by a fashion buyer and basically just figured out the industry as she went on. My final seminar before the keynote speaker was with Ann-Sofie Johansson, the head designer at H&M. I had no idea that their headquarters was in Sweden!


I was very fortunate to be able to be in the presence of a true fashion icon, Diane Von Furstenberg, Teen Vogue Fashion U’s 2009 keynote speaker. She is just an amazing, wise and successful women. It was so inspirational to hear her story in person. The day concluded with a shopping event at H&M where Teen Vogue Fashion U’s students received a 25% discount and tons of delicious treats!

On Sunday, Maybelline was giving girls free mini makeovers before the screening of The September Issue. It was really interesting to see the movie and what it is really like to work at Vogue. We also got to speak with the producer of the film, Sadia Sheperd. There was so much that went on behind the scenes that she was more than willing to share with us. After the screening, we all received our diplomas.


All in all, Teen Vogue Fashion U was a great experience. There is really no other place where you can interact with people who have already made it in the fashion industry like this. They have so much insight that they want to share with you to help you succeed. If you are interested in working in a magazine or any other area of the fashion world, I definitely suggest that you apply for Teen Vogue Fashion University next year! I can’t even begin to explain how much I learned!

Also, if Teen Vogue Fashion U is just not an option for you. You can also get great tips about how to get started in the fashion industry by purchasing a copy of the Teen Vogue Handbook.

Top Five: Graduation Gifts for 2009

3210983614_70e7e1e3f6_mAre you struggling to find the perfect gift for the stylish graduate in your life? Whether she is a high school or college graduate, Juicy Couture has come to your rescue with several JUICY ideas.

1. Juicy Graduation Charms - Juicy now offers graduation charms such as a 2009 yearbook charm, class ring and graduation cap charms. Juicy did offer a pre-made Juicy 2009 graduation charm bracelet that retailed for $138 but I believe it is no longer available. It has been taken off of the Juicy Couture site so if you are still looking for the charm bracelet, I would check in Juicy Couture, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, or any other local stores that carry Juicy charms. The graduation charms sell individually for around $48-$58.

2. 2009 Class Ring Necklace – if you are looking for a more subtle piece of jewelry, then I would go with Juicy’s 2009 Class Ring Necklace. It is a gold link chain necklace with the 2009 class ring charm. Retail price: $48.

3. Graduation Wristlet – this is a very cute wristlet that could be used again and again. It comes in either black or pink and has a wrist strap and a zip top. It has the Juicy 2009 Graduation logo on it but is still subtle enough to be used many years after graduation. Retail price is $78 but it is currently on sale at for $58juicy-couture-yearbook-tote-markers.

4. Juicy Graduation Photo Album – help your graduate remember this day forever with the Juicy Graduation Photo Album. Retail price is $75.

5. Juicy Yearbook Tote with Markers - I love this gift because not only is it personal and memorable, but it is also very useful. Every girl could use a tote, even if its just for a fun day at the beach with some friends. Having all of her high school or college friends sign it, makes it that more special. She’ll be able to look back on this gift and remember all of the good times with her friends as well as the lovely lady that gave it to her. Retail price: $88.

All of these items can be found at