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Cool Job Alert: Intern Queen Campus Ambassador!

For the past two years, I have served as the Intern Queen Inc. campus ambassadors for Florida State University. Since I was involved with the creation of the program back in the fall of 2010, it makes me especially sad to have to say good-bye. Since I am graduating next spring & will not be on FSU’s campus next semester, I am looking for the next rockstar student to fill my shoes!

As a campus ambassador, it is your mission to spread the importance of interning & how can help students find the internship of their dreams. You are responsible for blogging & will be assigned larger projects every 1-2 months. These projects will vary but nearly always involve a competition with a fabulous prize. I won the HOT LIST competition last fall & won a Lenova laptop!

In my opinion, the major benefit of becoming a campus ambassador is the network you are introduced to. We currently have over 100 ambassadors nationwide. You will be able to utilize this network to get advice or even referrals for an internship. You might even be lucky enough to meet a few of them at one of our meet ups! A HUGE perk is being able to access the intern queen herself, Lauren Berger, whenever you need her.

Interested in applying? Shoot me over an email with your interest, year in school, campus involvement (if applicable), why you want to be the next FSU campus ambassador & any questions you might have for me. Deadline to apply is November 11th so make sure you email me ASAP. I will be selecting the next campus ambassador the following week. GOOD LUCK!

College Life: What I Learned By Interning

I have been interning for Lauren Berger, the CEO of Intern Queen Inc., for the past six months. Next week will be my last week interning so I have been looking back and reflecting on everything that I have learned – both personally & professionally.

1. The Power of a Follow Up – Since interning for Lauren, I noticed how often I was following up with people whether it was planning the CLUTCH Magazine release party, applying for an internship, or simply asking a question. You wouldn’t believe how many people are actually thankful – not annoyed – that you are following up with them. Especially when it comes to internships, ALWAYS follow up to make sure that they actually received your materials. They might just be bombarded with resumes but the act of the follow up will give you an edge over your competition.

2. Network with EVERYONE – During college, don’t be selective. Keep in touch with ALL of your contacts. You never know when you might need them or vice versa. This is especially true if you are still not 100% sure of what career field you would like to go in. Organize your contacts into an excel document including their name, company, position, email address, phone number & their preferred method of communication. It’s also important to not abuse this relationship. Keep in mind that this is a give-take relationship – ask what YOU can do for THEM.

3. ALWAYS Call to Decline an Internship Offer - I got the opportunity to listen to Lauren speak at this year’s Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City & she has mentioned this same advice before. Provided you are only applying for internships that you actually want, always say yes to an internship offer. If you get another internship offer which you feel is the better fit, pick up the phone & call the first company. You will be able to convey your genuine apology for declining the internship over the phone rather than an email.

4. Personalize your Cover Letters & Tailor your Resume - You won’t believe how many people we see apply for internships with “Dear Seventeen Magazine” for a Lucky Magazine internship. This is a sure sign that you are sending out the same cover letter for multiple internships. Personalize both your cover letter & resume for the job and company you are applying for. Also, keep your resume to one page. Anything that wasn’t covered in your resume, bring up in your interview and/or cover letter.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions - If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask! If you can get away with asking another intern, do that first. In general, your boss will be thankful that you had the courage to ask a question rather than try it out on your own & make a mistake.

All in all, I have had an amazing time interning for Intern Queen Inc. If you are interested in interning for Lauren, go ahead & apply for her summer 2011 internship program. You can also join the campus ambassador program (no FSU students please, we already have two!) – email me if you are interested & I will let you know what all you need to do.

Spotlight On: Intern Queen, Inc.

Whether you are currently looking for an internship or you will be looking for an internship in the near future, Intern Queen Inc. is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about internships. Lauren Berger, the CEO of Intern Queen Inc., became known as the “intern queen” after completing 15 internships during her 4 years of college. Intern Queen Inc. offers free online internship listings which you can apply for directly through the website as well as career advice through her I Am Intern blog. Whether you are a student looking for an internship or an employer searching for the perfect intern, look no further than

Find your dream internship by:
- Looking through the internships online at
- Following the Intern Queen on Facebook and Twitter
- Signing up for the Intern Queen Hot List – which informs you of what is going on with Intern Queen as well as companies who still need interns
- Subscribe to the Intern Queen’s YouTube channel
- Joining the Intern Queen on Twitter every other Tuesday for #internchat – Ask Lauren any and ALL of your internship questions THIS Tuesday from 7-8pm EST
- Search through the I Am Intern blog to find more tips and advice straight from the Intern Queen herself!

College Life: Interview and Resume Tips from BCBG

Photo Credit: / CC BY-ND 2.0

Vincent Duran, a recruiter for BCBG, came to speak in one of my merchandising classes about BCBG, their internship, program, how to apply, and what is expected from an intern. He also gave us yips on interviewing as well as what to include in our resumes and cover letters. His advice was very beneficial and I hope you will agree.

Cover Letter

  • Find out who you are sending it to. Using “Dear Relevant” should only be used as a last resort. Research and find out who you are sending this to. It not only makes the letter more personal but it also shows them that you did your homework.
  • No more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph. Your cover letter is meant to inform the company on who you are, why you are applying and what relevant experience you have. Vincent told us that often times recruiters have only a few seconds to decide whether they are going to keep your resume or throw it away. You have to be precise and find a way to stand out in order to be selected.


  • List as many activities in college as possible. Companies want to see that you are involved on campus. Joining organizations, clubs and sororities/fraternities are among the most common ways to get involved. Another thing that they are looking for is leadership. Don’t be afraid to run for office and be active. Being a member of an organization is great but running for office is a great way to stand out and show that you have all of the qualities that a recruiter is looking for.
  • We don’t care what you did in high school. Most high school students were in many different clubs, played sports and were on student government. That is great but if it is not relevant, try to keep it off your resume. If you do not have a lot of experience, become as involved on campus as you can be so you can eventually get rid of your high school activities.


  • It’s all about the handshake. You can learn so much about a handshake. If you want to leave a great first impression, always use a firm handshake.
  • Wear what you would wear on the job. The beauty of the fashion industry is that not all companies want you to wear a suit to work everyday. Some might but it really depends on the company. For instance, if you work for Abercrombie & Fitch, you can expect to wear jeans, a casual top and flip flops to work everyday. Try to research and find out what you are expected to wear on the job and dress accordingly. If you are unsure, wear a suit. It is better to be overdressed than too casual.
  • Show me energy. During an interview, it is the interviewers job to decide if this person is the right fit for the company. BCBG is a high intensity, fast-paced job. While this might be great for some, it is certainly not for everyone. Show the interviewer that you are able to survive and posses the energy they are looking for.
  • Prepare for behavioral questions. Be prepared to answer questions such as: “Describe a time when you worked in a group and didn’t see eye to eye.” or “Describe a time when you took initiative.” These questions help you to prove that you are capable to handle whatever they throw your way.
  • NEVER say fashion is your passion. You will almost always be asked “Why did you decide to get into fashion?” Almost like a reflux, the majority of people say “Because I have a passion for fashion.” Avoid this at all costs. This answer has become a cliche. Honestly tell the interviewer why you want to work in fashion since very few people in this industry do not have a “passion for fashion.”
  • ALWAYS come prepared with a question. At the end of an interview, when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, your answer should always be “YES!” This shows that you are very serious about this company and internship/job. It also shows that you are very brave since asking a question in an interview can be intimidating.
  • Relax. The important thing to remember is to relax. Whether you get the job or not, interviews help you to grow. Take away the good and the bad from every interview in order to better yourself for future interviews. Also, keep in mind that the person interviewing you is a human. They are not out to ruin your life. They are simply just doing there job.

For those of you applying to internships this summer, good luck. I have been applying for internships this week and have found these tips to be extremely helpful.