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Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars

This summer, ABC Family launched a new original series called “Pretty Little Liars.” It instantly became a hit with the drama, suspense, and, most of all, fashion. If you haven’t seen this show yet & love Gossip Girl, then you will fall in love with Pretty Little Liars.

The show follows four very different girls, each with their own distinct style.

Emily Fields is a swimmer. Her style is casual & athletic. Aria Montgomery is all about dark colors & layering. Most often, she can be found wearing tights, a leather jacket and/or boots. Spencer Hastings is brought up in a family that lives to be perfect. Her style is up-tight and, well, perfect. Hanna Marin is the IT girl. Her style is feminine & effortless. No matter what your style, you are sure to find something you will love by watching Pretty Little Liars.

Tune in next Tuesday at 8pm EST to watch the Pretty Little Liars marathon & new episode on ABC Family!

Fashion Books: You Know You Want It

This past October, I had the pleasure of meeting Gossip Girl’s costume designer and stylist, Eric Daman. During his seminar, he spoke of the book he had just recently written titled “You Know You Want It.” The book was released in December.

“You Know You Want It” is a great book for the fashion enthusiasts. It is almost like having your own personal stylist. “You Know You Want It” is all about finding out who you are and what your style is. Style, defined by Eric Daman, is 20% fashion and 80% confidence. I find this statement to be completely true. Clothes are so much more than what they look like on, it is how they make you feel when you are wearing them. Clothing allows us the opportunity to play dress up, to choose how the world will perceive us. Fashion is definitely a force to reckoned with.

In his book, Eric Daman will discuss what types of clothing looks good on your body type (and how to figure out which body type you have), the basics every girl needs, fashion rules to ignore and so forth. He truly is a genius when it comes to fashion and styling.

Top Five: Headbands & How to Wear Them


This year it is all about the hair accessories and thanks to Gossip Girl, headbands have become increasingly popular. Now designers are taking this simple concept and putting a new spin on the classic headband. You can really find some fun and unique headbands now. I will show you some of my personal favorites.

1. Betsey Johnson Crystal Headband with Bow - This is my go-to headband during the colder months. I absolutely adore this headband. I had bought a plain crystal headband prior to Betsey Johnson’s headband collection but I love this one because it is much more casual. I love dressing up a casual sweatshirt and jeans by wearing this headband. It allows you to stay comfortable and warm while still feeling like a girl.

2. New York Zipper Headband – I found this adorable headband when I went to New York last month. A lady was selling handmade hair accessories that were extremely cute and affordable. What I loved about this particular headband was that the flower was made out of a zipper, which is another HUGE trend this season. This was the perfect headband to pair with a pea coat.

3. Free People Lacey Trio Headband - This headband instantly caught my eye and it looks fabulous on. The jewels look so great in the light and are so colorful that this headband can really be worn with a variety of different outfits. This headband is the perfect headband if you want to get noticed. You can find this headband at Free People stores or online for only $20. 

4. Betsey Johnson Leopard Print Headband – I love this Betsey Johnson headband as well. This is my go-to beach accessory. It goes great with my leopard print swimsuit and my beach cover-ups. Headbands are a great way to look great, keep your hair out of your face and protect your scalp.

5. gla.MAR.ous Pamela Headband – I won this headband in a contest and I really like it. What is unique about this one is how it is constructed. All of the other headbands, excluding the zipper bow headband from New York, have been elastic headbands. This headband’s base is a zipper with the edge being similar to bra straps that can be fitted to the size of your head. So no matter how big or small your head is, you can rest assured that this headband will fit you and never be too loose. This headband definitely makes a statement so the outfit that you wear should make a statement as well. I would pair this headband with a fitted skirt and a cropped jacket for an edgier look. You can find this headband online for $22. Make sure to check out their other headbands as well!

Events: Teen Vogue Fashion U 2009


“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

This past weekend, I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University which is a week long fashion workshop in New York City hosted by Teen Vogue. I applied during the summer but they only take 500 people from across the world so I was worried that I would not get in. Needless to say, I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out I was accepted!

Friday night was the kickoff event at Juicy Couture. Juicy Couture was gave a 25% discount for all Teen Vogue Fashion U students and a guest. We were also handed Pink Passports that can be used at any Juicy Couture store and they gave away a $75 gift card. Even without the discounts and freebies, the party was fabulous! I had so much fun!

On Saturday, we had seminars all day. Once you are accepted, you receive a list of seminars that they are offering and you can sign up for whichever ones you want (provided they aren’t already full). My first seminar of the day was with ‘Gossip Girl’ stylist Eric Daman. I was very excited to hear his insight in the world of styling since that is the area of the fashion world that I am most interested in. He gave us great insight on what it is REALLY like to style for a television show. He claimed that he usually gets the script a week before they shoot the scenes meaning he has to come up with 200+ outfits a week! Sounds like a crazy yet exciting life!

My next seminar was with the editors of Teen Vogue including Amy Astley. They were more than willing to answer any and all of our questions about the fashion industry, working in a magazine, internships and more. My third seminar was with Cynthia Rowley. Her story of success was very unique. She got discovered on a subway by a fashion buyer and basically just figured out the industry as she went on. My final seminar before the keynote speaker was with Ann-Sofie Johansson, the head designer at H&M. I had no idea that their headquarters was in Sweden!


I was very fortunate to be able to be in the presence of a true fashion icon, Diane Von Furstenberg, Teen Vogue Fashion U’s 2009 keynote speaker. She is just an amazing, wise and successful women. It was so inspirational to hear her story in person. The day concluded with a shopping event at H&M where Teen Vogue Fashion U’s students received a 25% discount and tons of delicious treats!

On Sunday, Maybelline was giving girls free mini makeovers before the screening of The September Issue. It was really interesting to see the movie and what it is really like to work at Vogue. We also got to speak with the producer of the film, Sadia Sheperd. There was so much that went on behind the scenes that she was more than willing to share with us. After the screening, we all received our diplomas.


All in all, Teen Vogue Fashion U was a great experience. There is really no other place where you can interact with people who have already made it in the fashion industry like this. They have so much insight that they want to share with you to help you succeed. If you are interested in working in a magazine or any other area of the fashion world, I definitely suggest that you apply for Teen Vogue Fashion University next year! I can’t even begin to explain how much I learned!

Also, if Teen Vogue Fashion U is just not an option for you. You can also get great tips about how to get started in the fashion industry by purchasing a copy of the Teen Vogue Handbook.

Events: Clinique Fresh Faces Tour

tvtaylorClinique is pairing up with Teen Vogue to tour 10 college campuses within the next two months in the search of fresh faces! The Clinique Fresh Faces tour will kick of in New York City on September 22nd with special guest appearance by Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen.

Stop by their Mobile Beauty Studio on any of the dates listed below and have your makeup done by a Clinique expert as well as get your picture taken by a professional photographer. Three girls will be chosen to be in a professional photo shoot and be featured in Teen Vogue. A free makeover AND a chance to appear in Teen Vogue, what more could a girl ask for?

Tour Dates:
9/22 – New York, NY – Union Square West Plaza
9/24-9/25 – New Brunswick, NJ – Rutgers University – “Morrell Street”
9/28-9/29 – Columbus, OH – Ohio State University – Wexner Plaza
10/1-10/2 – University, MS – The University of Mississippi – Union Plaza
10/6-10/7 – Orlando, FL – University of Central Florida – Memory Mall
10/13-10/14 – Tallahassee, FL – Florida State University – Union Green
10/19-10/20 – Houston, TX – Texas A&M University – North Campus
10/22-10/23 – Austin, TX – University of Texas – Quarters on Campus Residences
10/28-10/29 – La Jolla, CA – University of California at San Diego
11/4-11/6 – Los Angeles, CA – Westwood Village

All events run from 11AM-7PM on BOTH days. Can’t make it to any of the tour dates? No problem! You can still submit your photo for a chance at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by going to Clinique‘s website.

How To: Dress Like Serena and Blair

gossipgirl1This Monday night on the CW, the Gossip Girl season finale airs. But I am not here to discuss what is to come on the finale, I am here to discuss Gossip Girl fashion. Gossip Girl has served as a fashion icon to young girls since it has first aired.

Every character on Gossip Girl has their own unique style. They even wear their uniforms differently. Standing out in uniforms? Now THAT’S fashion. On school days, Serena is known for her short plaid skirts and a white button up shirt with either pumps for knee high boots. For a more casual look, she will layer with a vest or sweater. Serena’s BFF Blair’s style seems much more put together. She prefers longer skirts, longer shirts and a bow tie. She finishes almost every outfit off with a headband. Her signature style headband has a big bow on one side.

When the girls aren’t in school, they still maintain their own unique fashion identity. Serena’s favorite item of cgossipgirl7lothing lately has been her chic leather jacket featured in many of the newest episodes. Blair loves wearing tights to make a statement. Whether its a solid color under a short skirt or lace tights under a cocktail dress, she always looks fabulous.

So how can you steal their sweet looks?

If you want to dress like Serena… You will want to find nice cut jackets, a plaid skirt, knee high socks, a leather jacket and boots. She loves layering items of clothing in order to get her rocker chic style.

If you want to dress like Blair…You will want to find cute summer dresses, headbands, leggings, stylish bag and a peacoat with a matching hat. She loves her accessories, especially when it comes to her hair. She usually likes to leave her brown locks down. By just adding her signature bow headband or a cute hat, her hair can match the rest of the outfit without much effort.