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Cool Job Alert: Intern Queen Campus Ambassador!

For the past two years, I have served as the Intern Queen Inc. campus ambassadors for Florida State University. Since I was involved with the creation of the program back in the fall of 2010, it makes me especially sad to have to say good-bye. Since I am graduating next spring & will not be on FSU’s campus next semester, I am looking for the next rockstar student to fill my shoes!

As a campus ambassador, it is your mission to spread the importance of interning & how can help students find the internship of their dreams. You are responsible for blogging & will be assigned larger projects every 1-2 months. These projects will vary but nearly always involve a competition with a fabulous prize. I won the HOT LIST competition last fall & won a Lenova laptop!

In my opinion, the major benefit of becoming a campus ambassador is the network you are introduced to. We currently have over 100 ambassadors nationwide. You will be able to utilize this network to get advice or even referrals for an internship. You might even be lucky enough to meet a few of them at one of our meet ups! A HUGE perk is being able to access the intern queen herself, Lauren Berger, whenever you need her.

Interested in applying? Shoot me over an email with your interest, year in school, campus involvement (if applicable), why you want to be the next FSU campus ambassador & any questions you might have for me. Deadline to apply is November 11th so make sure you email me ASAP. I will be selecting the next campus ambassador the following week. GOOD LUCK!

College Life: A Look Back

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end for me at Florida State University. I cannot believe how fast these past three years have gone & knowing that I have only six more months left in Tallahassee makes me think about how much has changed within that short amount of time.

When I was a college freshman, I picked my major because it was something I was passionate about but I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. When I started, I was leaning towards becoming a buyer but within my first year toyed with the ideas of styling or working for a magazine. It wasn’t until after I launched FSU Fashion Girl & started interning that I realized that I wanted to get into more the the PR/marketing & social media side of fashion. I still believe that it is so important that college students pick a major that they are passionate about. There is not a doubt in my mind that I picked the right major for me.

Throughout the years, I have met so many different people that I have been lucky to call my friends. My advice to incoming freshman is to embrace these new friendships & try to meet as many people as you can. It is truly amazing what you can learn from those who are different from you. You can also learn a lot about yourself by looking at the people you may not get along with & really trying to figure out why. After college, stay in touch with everyone. A lot of my friends graduated last year & it has been really fun for me to see where they are all ending up – where they are living, working, etc. We are so blessed to live in the Facebook generation which makes it entirely too easy to keep in touch – utilize this.

My last piece of advice for incoming freshman is to embrace the new. College students are handed opportunities that a lot of others would kill to have. Experience everything you can. If someone invites you to something that isn’t necessarily “your thing,” do it anyways. You may surprise yourself. If you get the opportunity to intern in another state or country, do it! I cannot even begin to express how much that experience will teach you about yourself, both on a personal & professional level. Most importantly, have fun! These next four years will fly by faster than you know.

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Spotlight On: Collegiate Gameday Bracelets

I am SO excited to announce the launch of my collegiate bracelet line. I have been working hard on the launch of this line & am so ecstatic to see the collection finally go live.

I came up with this design near the end of last fall. I wore them to the last few football games & people instantly fell in love. I decided that I should really make them available for sale but wanted to wait until football season to launch them. Now, I will be using this project to help save up for my move to New York City in March!

Right now, these bracelets are available with three different crystal embellishments: a silver bow, gold bow & flower. I am hoping to add more embellishments to the line soon! These bracelets are completely adjustable & should fit nearly every arm. The band is about 6 inches in length with the ends left long so you can tie them off. You can cut the ends shorter if you prefer. Otherwise, you can just roll it under the bracelet or, when layering multiple bracelets, tie the ends together. Better yet, this line is not exclusively for Florida State for all of my non-Seminole readers & fans! The bracelet itself will be comprised of your school colors & can be ordered as a solid color or predominantly one color (for example, garnet with gold or vice versa). Please specify your school colors when ordering.

These are completely custom bracelets, which are made to order. They are $30 each or 2/$50. All orders will be shipped within 7-10 days.

For more information, click over to the “Gameday Bracelets” tab or click here. Order now to ensure that you will get your bracelet in time for the first college football game of the season!

Home Decor: Decor 2 Ur Door Bedding

For all of you graduating seniors who are preparing to start college this summer or in the fall, Decor 2 Ur Door has ALL of your dorm needs! From collegiate bedding and pillows to Lilly Pulitzer planners and coozies, Decor 2 Ur Door has exactly what you are looking for.


Black & Hot Pink Damask Twin/TXL Bedding Set $159


Chi Omega Red & White Damask Bedding Set $159
View all sorority bedding sets here.


Black & White Damask Medallion Twin/TXL Bedding Set $159


Lily Pulitzer Monkey Trouble Hibiscus Twin/TXL Bedding Set $229

I absolutely adore each of these bedding sets & wish I would have known about this website when I was a college freshman. Although it has been three years since I shopped for my dorm room bedding set, I remember it was nearly impossible to find a set that included everything you needed for your bedding & was fashionable. Can’t find anything on the website that represents who you are? No problem! Decor 2 Ur Door offers an option to design your own bedding.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Decor 2 Ur Door today & start shopping for all of your dorm room needs!


Events: CLUTCH Magazine Release Party Recap

Last week, I hosted CLUTCH Magazine’s spring 2011 release party. This release party was extra special because it was not only the release of our 10th issue but it was also my last release party serving as the PR Director for CLUTCH.

All in all, this experience has been amazing! I accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish including starting the CLUTCH blog, offering an online edition of the magazine, and throwing the hugest release parties in CLUTCH history. I’ve been able to gain experience in event planning and social media all while working for the magazine I once saw on MTV back in 2007.

CLUTCH Team - love them!

I am so blessed that I was able to serve as the PR director for the past two semesters & am anxious for any future opportunities that might come my way next semester. To all of you who are interviewing for director positions this week, good luck! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t regret!

To view our spring 2011 issue, click here.

Cool Job Alert: VS PINK Campus Reps

Do you love Victoria’s Secret PINK? Are you currently a freshman, sophomore or junior? Are you majoring in marketing, public relations, retail merchandising, communications or event planning? Then this might be the job for you!

For the past two years, the FSU campus reps have held a nationwide clothing drive, volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club, and hosted the VS PINK campus tour. I have had the pleasure of working with Jenna and Brandi & can honestly say that they have enjoyed their time as campus reps, learned a lot & scored some awesome VS PINK swag along the way. I wish I would have known about this amazing opportunity!

If chosen, you will be responsible for:
-Planning and executing PINK events on campus
-Utilizing social media outlets to raise PINK awareness on campus and throughout the local community
-Encouraging event publicity via fliers, social media networks, public advertisements, etc.
-Communicating daily on (a secure intranet site for campus reps only) through messages/blogs/phone calls with your PINK supervisor
-Completing PINK related weekly surveys that give insight as to what is happening on your campus
-Establishing sustainable relationships with on campus figures such as licensing directors, student group exec boards, etc.

This is a year-long commitment & you should expect to work 8-10 hours per week. To find out more about this opportunity, check out the Facebook event. To apply, email your cover letter & resume to

College Life: What I Learned By Interning

I have been interning for Lauren Berger, the CEO of Intern Queen Inc., for the past six months. Next week will be my last week interning so I have been looking back and reflecting on everything that I have learned – both personally & professionally.

1. The Power of a Follow Up – Since interning for Lauren, I noticed how often I was following up with people whether it was planning the CLUTCH Magazine release party, applying for an internship, or simply asking a question. You wouldn’t believe how many people are actually thankful – not annoyed – that you are following up with them. Especially when it comes to internships, ALWAYS follow up to make sure that they actually received your materials. They might just be bombarded with resumes but the act of the follow up will give you an edge over your competition.

2. Network with EVERYONE – During college, don’t be selective. Keep in touch with ALL of your contacts. You never know when you might need them or vice versa. This is especially true if you are still not 100% sure of what career field you would like to go in. Organize your contacts into an excel document including their name, company, position, email address, phone number & their preferred method of communication. It’s also important to not abuse this relationship. Keep in mind that this is a give-take relationship – ask what YOU can do for THEM.

3. ALWAYS Call to Decline an Internship Offer - I got the opportunity to listen to Lauren speak at this year’s Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City & she has mentioned this same advice before. Provided you are only applying for internships that you actually want, always say yes to an internship offer. If you get another internship offer which you feel is the better fit, pick up the phone & call the first company. You will be able to convey your genuine apology for declining the internship over the phone rather than an email.

4. Personalize your Cover Letters & Tailor your Resume - You won’t believe how many people we see apply for internships with “Dear Seventeen Magazine” for a Lucky Magazine internship. This is a sure sign that you are sending out the same cover letter for multiple internships. Personalize both your cover letter & resume for the job and company you are applying for. Also, keep your resume to one page. Anything that wasn’t covered in your resume, bring up in your interview and/or cover letter.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions - If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask! If you can get away with asking another intern, do that first. In general, your boss will be thankful that you had the courage to ask a question rather than try it out on your own & make a mistake.

All in all, I have had an amazing time interning for Intern Queen Inc. If you are interested in interning for Lauren, go ahead & apply for her summer 2011 internship program. You can also join the campus ambassador program (no FSU students please, we already have two!) – email me if you are interested & I will let you know what all you need to do.

Events: Fall Fashion Week 2010

Every year, the Collegiate Merchandising Association & Fashion Inc. join forces to plan one of the most anticipated on-campus events of the year – Fall Fashion Week. Fall fashion week was created to raise awareness of Florida State University’s fashion program, raise money for the Refuge House, and spotlight FSU’s design students at the Project Reconstruction fashion show.

This year’s schedule is as follows:

SUNDAY: High Heel-A-Thon at 3pm on Sandels Green
MONDAY: Sidewalk Catwalk from 10am-2pm on Landis Green
TUESDAY: Member Mixer “Things We Love” from 5:30-7pm in Sandels Room 203
WEDNESDAY: Trunk Show at Pi Beta Phi from 6:30-8:30pm – Vendors include Stella & Dot Jewelry, Cole Couture, Sweet Blue/Blue Abaco, Janelle’s Jewelry & Etsy sellers with 10% of the profits donated to the Refuge House
THURSDAY: Movie Under the Stars at 8:30pm on Landis Green
FRIDAY: Project Reconstuction fashion show at 8pm in the Union Ballrooms

To find more information about any of the events, follow the link to the Facebook event page or email me with any & all of your questions! I hope to see you all out supporting fashion & a great cause!

Spotlight On: Kembrel

Are you a fan of online shopping? Do you spend all of your time browsing on private sales stores like Gilt Groupe & HauteLook? Then I have a site for you!

Kembrel is a new way to shop online. Created by students & for students, they really know what we want. What I love about this site is that you can shop Kembrel’s sales directly through your Facebook account. Just log onto the site with your Facebook account & browse away! It is also FREE to sign up and, unlike other online shopping sites, you do NOT have to wait for an invite. Just go to and create an account or login with your Facebook account (no additional registration needed) – it is literally THAT easy!

Kembrel offers the same type of brands that other online shopping sites offer just in a more convenient format. Again, you don’t have to shop Kembrel through your Facebook account  - they have a website as well. After using a lot of different online shopping sites throughout the past year, I have noticed that I browse on Kembrel a LOT more because I can easily check it while I am already on Facebook & they don’t email out their sales constantly. It is safe to say that I am officially obsessed with Kembrel! But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself here!

Events: #CampusFashion

#CampusFashion will be a bi-weekly Twitter chat hosted by myself and Andrea Teggart, the PR Director for Ohio University’s fashion magazine. Andrea & I interned together over the summer & have been collaborating, planning & organizing #CampusFashion since the beginning of the fall semester. The goal of #CampusFashion is to be able to easily communicate & collaborate with campus fashion magazines from across the country as well as with our loyal fans & readers. I am ecstatic to announce that as of right now, there are a total of ten fashion magazines that will be participating in this event.

Florida State University’s CLUTCH Magazine (@fsuCLUTCHmag)
Ohio University’s Thread Magazine (@threadmag)
Columbia University’s Hoot Magazine (@hootmag)
Bucknell University’s Be Magazine (@befashionmag)
University of California, Berkely’s Bare Magazine (@BareMagazine)
University of Georgia’s Little Red Book (@LRBmag)
Syracuse University’s Zipped Magazine (@ZippedMagazine)
University of Delaware’s UDress Magazine (@UDressMag)
Duke University’s Duke Fashion Quarterly (@DukeFashionMag)
University of Michigan’s SHEI Magazine (@SHEIMagazine)

The first #CampusFashion Twitter chat will be on Monday, October 4th at 9pm EST. We will be discussing anything & everything from current trends, to looks we love on campus. Anyone with a Twitter account can join in on the conversation, just put “#CampusFashion” after everything you tweet so we can all follow the conversation. You can follow the conversation by searching “#CampusFashion” on Twitter or, my personal favorite,

I hope to see you there!