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Top Five: Fashion Brands of All Time!

A question people have been asking me lately is: ”What is your favorite brand of all time?” Trick question. I actually have five favorite brands of all time (yes, one is a boutique in SoHo) & I obsess about them equally. Here is why:

French Connection for structure & fit.

French Connection has been among my favorites for years. I always turn to this brand for dresses of all sorts. My most prized French Connection dress in my closet is my go-to dress for an interview. If you have been following my blog for a while, it should come as no surprise that I chose this as my favorite French Connection piece since I have blogged about it before.

Marc by Marc Jacobs for branding & accessories.

I consider Marc by Marc Jacobs to be on almost equal playing fields as the Chanel brand. Although it is cheaper & aimed at a younger generation, the impact of this brand is tremendous. Any brand that can open a book store in SoHo & be successful is obviously onto something. I own a few pieces of Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing but I personally find myself more drawn to the playful accessories – the iPhone covers, the hair accessories, the key chains, the lipstick pens, etc. My most prized Marc by Marc Jacobs accessory is the “perfect purse.”

Alice + Olivia for the drool worthy clothing & defining “social media.”

Alice + Olivia is another one of those brands that is really focused around a specific muse. A young, fun, fashion-forward, working girl. Chances are good that if you like one Alice + Olivia item, you will like them all – which can definitely be dangerous. I have found a lot of great deals on Alice + Olivia at Saks Off Fifth & Neiman Marcus Last Call. I’ve found deals on dresses, tops, & dress pants. Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to afford their high prices but for now I covet all of my discounted Alice + Olivia items. Below is just one of the dresses that I got for only $20!

LF Stores for layering & overall styling.

In a recent post, I named LF Stores as my #1 boutique in New York City. Although, not a brand, I felt it entirely necessary to include this store on my list because I am absolutely in love with all of the items I have purchased there. Hands down, these are the items I get the most compliments on. This store is great for the girl who loves to play with fashion, lives in layers, and likes to blend styles. My favorite item is the long flowing maxi skirt I bought – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Wildfox Couture for comfort & their success story.

Wildfox Couture can do no wrong in my book. The company was started by two best friends & is really starting to grow into an empire. By starting with creating simple, comfortable & fun graphic t-shirts, the brand has now expanded into denim, jewelry & childrens clothing. I have loved watching the brand grow & continue to be obsessed with everything Wildfox. My favorite Wildfox clothing item is an easy choice for me. It would be my navy “W” sweatshirt because it is SUPER comfortable.

What are your favorite brands of all time? I would love to hear!

Top Five: New York City iPhone Applications

Last week, I moved to New York for the summer to intern for a fashion-based public relations company. New York has always been thought of as the city that never sleeps & this is 100% true. So how do you make the most out of your New York city experience? Download these five iPhone applications right now!

1. FourSquare is a MUST in any city but in a city as popular as New York, Foursquare will serve as your guide to everything New York. When you check into a venue such as a restaurant, you can read through the tips that other users have left to figure out what you should order. Some places even offer specials when you check in. Just last night I got a free chocolate mousse dessert at Vapiano & it was DELICIOUS. In the past, I have used Foursquare to get free chips & salsa at Chili’s, fried green tomatoes at Lee Roy Selmons & a medium iced coffee from Crumbs Bake Shop.

2. Lustr is every fashon lover’s dream app. If you have ever wanted someone to just tell you when the hottest sales are then download this app immediately! Whether it’s a sale at Saks Fifth Avenue or a Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale, this app will let you in on everything you need to know.

3. Pulsd is one of my favorite apps. You can use this app if you live in New York or San Francisco to find out what awesome events are happening each day with the majority of the events being free. Pulsd posts everything from free concerts and sample sales to food giveaways and free cooking classes. If you live in either of these two cities, you are missing out if you don’t download this app right now!

4. Square is a great app when going out to eat with a few of your friends. A lot of restaurants in New York won’t want to split the check. This app solves this problem quite easily. It allows your friends to pay you directly with just the swipe of a credit card. That way you can put the bill on your credit card while any of your friends who don’t have cash on them can pay you via credit card. For more information, go to:

5. HopStop, NYSubview, and Google Maps are a must-have for the directionally challenged & lost. Okay, okay so they are really three different apps but I couldn’t resist only choosing one because I use them all differently. HopStop is perfect for people who are new to the subway, don’t (or simply refuse to) understand it or when you are just in a hurry. This app tells you what train to take, what stops to pass & when to exit. NYSubview is my favorite offline subway map. So easy to read & understand! Google Maps I mainly use when running errands around the office. Put it on walking mode for an estimated travel time & quickest route. There is no sense being lost as a New York intern with any of these apps!

Did your favorite NYC-related app make the list? What other apps should I download?

Top Five: Reasons To Join CMA

Ever since freshman year, I have been a devoted member of FSU’s Collegiate Merchandising Association (CMA). It only made sense that I ran for office in the fall of my sophomore year. This organization is open to ALL majors so whether you are a fashion major or just obsessed with fashion, you will find people who share your same passion. Need more convincing?

1. Make New Friends & Network- At any CMA meeting, you will find a great group of diverse people who all share a similar interest – fashion! The group is rather large but don’t ever be overwhelmed – ask any officer, at one point or another we all went to the meetings alone & were intimidated. Don’t be afraid to talk to the officers & other members & put yourself out there. At each meeting, we try to do a fun ice-breaker game in smaller groups which is how I met a lot of people in the beginning. And of course, you can say hi to me when you sign in! I will always be sitting behind the desk so don’t be shy!

2. Gain Hands-On Fashion Experience – Where else in Tallahassee can you gain hands-on fashion experience? CMA gives you the opportunity to work behind the scenes at a fashion show, magazine & other major events. College is all about building your resume & making yourself look marketable for an employer – being active in CMA can do just that!

3. Get Involved with CLUTCH Magazine – I already stated that you can gain hands-on fashion experience but more specifically, being a member of CMA allows you with the opportunity to get involved with CLUTCH Magazine including voting on colors & covers, writing articles, editing & interviewing for a director position. You can join different committees ranging from PR (my team) to graphic design to advertising.

4. Scholarships – CMA gives out two scholarships to outstanding seniors at Intern Brunch. If you are a Retail Merchandising major, I am sure you are aware that you have to complete an intern block your last semester of college. CMA hosts an intern brunch for all graduating interns during their last week of exams, right before they head off to their internships.

5. Run for Office – A great resume builder is showing that you have leadership skills. In order to do this, you need to run for office. The Collegiate Merchandising Association is composed of 9 officers while CLUTCH Magazine is composed of 18 directors – plenty of positions available for you to join in on.

Other Fun Facts:

  • We are the largest fashion organization on Florida State’s campus
  • CLUTCH Magazine was the first successful student run fashion publication on Florida State’s campus
  • In 2007, CLUTCH Magazine was featured on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL). You can view the video here.
  • Lauren from La Petite Fashionista is also a CMA officer

Convinced yet? Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, September 8th at 7pm in Oglesby 314-315. I included our entire fall 2010 meeting schedule on the events page so that if you can’t make this meeting, hopefully you can make the next one. I hope to meet some of you there!

Top Five: Back to School Trends

Fall semester is just around the corner… so what are this year’s hottest back to school trends?

1. Printed skirt - a fun printed skirt can spice up any outfit! Where with a graphic tee, v-neck, racerback tank or long sleeve shirt – it looks great with them all! Accessorize with necklaces, bracelets & a cute handbag & you are all set for your first day of classes.

Free People $48; Abercrombie & Fitch $50; Miss Selfridge $13.25; Myne $129

2. Platform pumps - every time I go shopping, there are more and more styles of this shoe popping up everywhere I look. With brands like Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson & Guess making them, you should be able to find a great pair at an affordable price.

Jessica Simpson $88.95; Steve Madden $94.99; Guess $98.95; Valentino $695

3. Bow Accents - loving this trend! Bows have been popping up everywhere – bow rings, sweatshirts, necklaces, shoes, headbands – you name it, they make it! Why not embrace this trend and make it your own? Add a tiny understated bow or a crazy overstated bow to really make the outfit your own.

Marc by Marc Jacobs $58; Paris Hilton $94.99; ModCloth $14.99; Forever 21 $4.80

4. Denim Vests/Jackets - the denim vest has become increasingly popular this summer & with fall just around the corner, the denim jacket will be a definite must-have. My favorite brand for denim jackets? Chelsea & Violet, Hollister & A&F.

Shakuhachi $146; French Connection $148; Current/Elliot $177; GAP $34.99

5. Lace tights - black tights under shorts, skirts and dresses can really transform an outfit. Upgrade last year’s pair of black tights for lace leggings for an entirely new look!

Pink Ice $12.99; BBon-J $28; Emilio Cavallini $21.70; bebe $89

Which trends will you be rocking for the fall semester?

Top Five: Ways to Use Polyvore

Yesterday I discovered that I have been staying only blocks away from Polyvore’s headquarters so I thought it was only appropriate that I mention how wonderful they are and how their website can change your life! Polyvore is a site created for the fashion obsessed but is perfect for nearly everyone.

1. The Online Shopper - Do you love online shopping? Well, Polyvore takes online shopping to the extreme. Instead of going from site to site to check our their selection, prices and sales, you can simultaneously search nearly every website’s inventory – including international sites. Polyvore is a database of clothing, shoes, and accessories that are all pulled from the Internet. Simply type in the item you are looking for or the specific brand you desire and shop away!

2. The Discount Diva – Okay, so you might love online shopping but only because it is easier to compare prices and ensure you are sporting the hottest trend at the lowest price. Well, Polyvore is your dream come true. Search by item, brand, color, and, most importantly, PRICE. You can also search for items that are currently on sale. You can even enter contests to win amazing prizes. Kate Spade is currently hosting a contest which ends in 3 days in which you can win a trip to NYC, Chicago or San Francisco as well as a $1000 Kate Spade shopping spree!

3. The Collage Artist – Are you inspired by fashion? Do you love creating inspiration boards or collages? Polyvore makes creating collages extremely easy to do. Simply click on “Create”, search for the items you want to include (or add your own via the “Clip to Polyvore” bookmark) and have fun! You can flip, rotate, crop, shrink, clone, etc. After you are satisfied with your creation, you can publish it and it will be added to your Polyvore profile. In the future, you can look back and not only enjoy your collage but also know exactly what items you used, how much they cost and where to buy them.

4. The Personal Stylist – Interested in a career in styling or just love putting together the perfect outfit? Polyvore is made for you. You can create an outfit based on what is in your closet, answer a styling question posted by others via the “Create” and “Ideas” tabs, or design an outfit based on your favorite celebrity. Polyvore is a great way to build your online styling portfolio and perfect your craft.

5. The Trend Hunter – Are you the girl who is always looking for the NEXT trend, striving to be the first of your friends to adopt this new fad? Polyvore is also great for that. If you click on “Explore,” you can view the latest trends as well as up-and-coming members. You can also click on “Shop” and scroll down to the “Shop by Trend” links to view all of the items tagged for a specific trend.

I rely on Polyvore for nearly everything. It is my go-to website to create collages used on FSU Fashion Girl as well as for personal shopping. Whether I am creating a look or browsing other sets for inspiration, Polyvore is my fashion must-have. Check it out for yourself here.

Top Five: Things To Do This Summer

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Whether you are currently done with school for summer or not, this list is for you!

1. Reinvent Your Style – Summer is the perfect time to try a new look on for size. Have you been dying to try a new trend? Looking to rid your closet of old clothes that you don’t need or wear anymore? Do it now! Sell old clothes back to Plato’s Closet, donate them to charity or give them away to someone else. Buy new clothes for less at outlet malls, discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls or at thrift shops. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the My Style Fashion Assistant application for only $0.99 (or enter to win for free for FSU Fashion Girl’s giveaway on May 12th) to help you store your favorite outfits and keep track of the items in your closet.

2. Try a New Recipe – Everyone needs that go to recipe that they use when they are in need of bringing something that everyone will love. Mine? Oreo balls. They require no baking whatsoever. Just your time, a bag of oreos, cream cheese, chocolate chips and a freezer. EVERYONE will love them!

3. Find an Internship – Summer is the perfect time to intern. You have more free time typically during the summer and you are able to intern in areas other than the one you live, if desired. A fantastic resource for all different types of internships is Intern Queen Inc. During her four years of college, Lauren Berger successfully completed 15 internships and her mission is to help other students do the same. Although it might be a little late in the game to start applying for summer internships, it is never too late to get an offer. Employers are still actively looking to hire interns for summer and fall 2010. Follow Intern Queen on Twitter and/or Facebook to instantly find out who is still in need of interns for summer.

4. Try a Self-Tanner – We all know how damaging the sun can be to our skin. This summer, try to avoid the harmful rays by getting a  safe glow. Two of my favorites include Beautisol Summer Glow or All Seasons Glow and L’oreal Sublime Bronze.

5. Enjoy Popcorn and a Movie – Make sure you check out these movies this summer:

5/14 Letters to Juliet
5/21 Shrek Forever After
5/28 Sex and the City 2
6/11 Coco Chanel & Igor Starvinsky (limited)
6/30 Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Top Five: Ways to Pull Off Braids

Celebrities & fashion designers alike have been going crazy for braids! Braids are no longer strictly for young kids anymore. The fashion and entertainment industry has literally redefined the braid in order to update it for an older generation. One of the major trendsetters for this braid craze was Lauren Conrad herself. Nearly every time she stepped out on the red carpet or appeared on an episode of “The Hills”, her hair had some sort of braid technique utilized. Other celebrities sporting this new hairstyle trend include Rachel Bilson, Teresa Palmer, Blake Lively, Mary-Kate Olsen & more.

1. Classic – The classic braid that most of us wore growing up is still in fashion but with slight modifications. Pictured above on the top right is Teresa Palmer showing exactly what I mean. A true classic braid would go straight down your back, nothing too fancy. Recently, a lot of girls wanted to wear their braid to the side. This can be achieved using the technique shown on Teresa Palmer as well as several others depending on the length of your hair.

2. Fishtail - The fishtail is also a fairly common one you can see walking down the red carpet and in high fashion. The beauty of the fishtail braid is that it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. The technique is simply the classic braid with a unique twist. Instead of braiding the same amount of hair each time like with the classic, the fishtail increases the amount of hair used in the braid each cycle leaving for a very chic and polished look. Pull a few stray hairs down next to your face and you will look like your hair was done by the pros.

3. Braided Up-do – One of the most common braided up-dos celebrities have been opting for this season is the single braid going over the top of your head. There may be other ways of completing this hairstyle but how I have always done it in the past was to start with two pigtails on opposite sides of your head. Braid the first one and secure it in place. Then braid the other over top and intertwine them at the end of the braid in order to give the illusion that there is only one single braid.

4. Thin Braids - Another common theme is to use thin braids to liven up a simple hairstyle. Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, and Lauren Conrad all utilize thin braids when leaving their hair down and wavy. It is a simple way to create an even more beachy look alongside their beachy waves.

5. Front Braid - Lauren Conrad is pictured above with this hairstyle. This same hairstyle can be seen on Amanda Seyfried in her new movie, “Letters to Juliet”. This is such a simple hairstyle that almost anyone can pull off, no matter if you have short or long hair. For longer hair, another option would be to continue the braid all the way down the length of your hair like shown on Teresa Palmer on the far left.

Top Five: Floral Dresses

Spring is finally here which means it is time to pull out those sundresses! In honor of spring, I scoured the internet for the best floral dresses for Spring 2010.

1. DKNY Garden Print Tank Dress $295 – this dress is the perfect mix between the casual color block dress and the fancy pencil skirt.

2. Free People Floral Tiered Halter Dress $138 – I absolutely adore this dress. It is the perfect dress to throw on with a belt, bangles and a pair of cowboy boots.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Short Dress $525 – this dress reminds me of the dresses Whitney Port can often be found in. Although it is expensive, it is also very chic and the only floral dress I found in this style.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch Alexis $58 – I was very impressed with this dress from A&F. This is absolutely adorable for someone younger but can be aged with layers. A cropped jacket would go perfect with this style of dress. A&F is currently having a sale on dresses both in stores and online.

5. Free People Neon Floral Dress $98 – another great option from Free People is the Neon Floral Dress. I love the plunging neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. This is yet another dress that can go perfect with sandals or cowboy boots.

Top Five: Spring Break Essentials

Spring break begins in only FIVE days! Are you ready? You will be with this year’s must-have essentials.

1. Swimsuit – Spring break is all about the swimsuit and how you look in that swimsuit. It is crucial to find the style of swimsuit that fits well with both you and your style.

2. Beach Cover-Up - In order to look truly beach chic, one or two fantastic cover-ups are needed as well. This can be anything from a casual oversized t-shirt to an elegant long dress. My current favorite laid-back beach look is the oversized shirt with short shorts. Another great option is a longer, loose-fitting racerback tank.

3. Nail Polish - I am always a huge fan of pink nail polish for spring break. This year, go for BRIGHT. Try a shocking pink or a nice teal blue. A classic french manicure is always in style!

4.  Beach Bag - The key to a great beach bag is one that is big enough to hold all of your stuff, easy to dump the sand out of and, of course, fashionable! VS PINK offers great bags that are perfect for a sandy day at the beach.

5. Ostrich 3-in-1 Chair – Although I do not currently own this chair, I want it so badly that I thought it was worth mentioning. This chair is truly amazing in more ways than one. This chair is actually three chairs in one. What I love most about it is that it allows me to read magazines or bookfor hours on end without my shoulders hurting. This chair makes reading on your stomach pain-free by putting three holes in the chair, one for your face (like a massage chair) and the other two for your arms. You can purchase this chair on

Have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Top Five: Worthy Investments

1. Jeans – In our society, jeans are pretty much a necessity. While buying cheap jeans are great, everyone needs that one pair of jeans that might have cost more but fit perfectly and will last forever.

Brands I Love: Citizens for Humanity and Department of Peace.

2. Boots – A great pair of boots are a cold weather essential. Instead of opting for several cheaper brand boots, I would recommend investing in one great pair of boots that are versatile and comfortable. Two years ago, I purchased a pair of brown Coach boots on Black Friday. While they were much more affordable due to Black Friday deals, they were still fairly expensive. My only regret? Not buying a pair in black as well since they drastically changed their boots this year.

Brands I Love: Coach.

3. Makeup – As any girl might agree, make-up is the one essential that you actually wear each and every day. I would say that a great foundation is a very worthy investment since your face (and skin) is the first thing people see. An amazing foundation (no matter the price) will help you make a great first impression.

Brands I Love: MAC and Nars.

4. Purse - I am not a huge purse fan. I like them but I do not buy many purses. Sometimes due to price, but mostly because I am very picky about purses and how they fit and look. To me, buying a more expensive purse is a worthy investment because I know that if I love it, I will definitely get my money’s worth.

Brands I Love: Betsey Johnson and Chanel.

5. Suit - A great investment (especially for those about to graduate from college) is a nice suit. This suit will be used often when going to career fairs and/or interviewing for jobs. When looking for a job, a great fitting suit will be crucial to your success.

Brands I Love: Nanette Lepore

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