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Intern Life: New York Fashion Week

Two weeks ago, I was experienced the opportunity of a life time. A company I interned with this summer invited me back to New York to work the Badgley Mischka show during New York Fashion Week. Of course, my answer was YES!!

Even before I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, my dream was to work or attend (or even stalk around outside) fashion week. To be given the opportunity to see the Mercedes-Benz tents up close & personal was so surreal.

I flew up to New York on Wednesday to help the PR team prepare for the show. I was ecstatic to help in any way I could & really get my feet wet.¬†They had me doing everything from calling magazine editors to get an exact head count of how many editors will be attending to printing out & organizing the seating cards to assembling folders for everyone on the PR team with important documents. I had to work a few late nights & on the weekends but everyone knows fashion doesn’t sleep so why should I?

The day of the Badgley Mischka show had finally arrived. My call time was 7:30am. I ran a quick errand for Mark & James (no big deal!), assisted with backstage check-in & helped the PR team put the seating labels on all of the chairs. At 8am, a fellow intern & I headed backstage to help the VP of public relations handle the media while they waited to interview Mark & James about their spring 2012 collection. This was also where the celebrities were arriving to get their picture taken in front of the Badgley Mischka step and repeat.

As 10am rolled around & everyone was filing into their seats, I walked with the team to the front of the house to fill in any additional seats. I ended up finding a seat in the 8th row & was able to watch the show myself. Just last semester, I was sitting in the back of my fashion forecasting class watching the Badgley Mischka livestream. Now, not only am I working the show, but I am also watching it in person? Someone pinch me! After the show was over & everyone left, the team headed to the Badgley Mischka showroom for the after-party.

I still can’t believe I finally made it to fashion week. What a truly amazing experience!

Intern Life: Educational Housing Services

As most of you probably know by now, I interned in New York City this summer. After months of researching, planning, & applying for internships, I was so excited to finally make it to the city. One of the hardest things to decide was where to stay. When interning during the summer, you will have plenty of options. It is just a matter of finding the perfect location, price & room type for you. You may choose to stay at a university dorm or sublease an apartment. After weeks of researching & comparing, I finally settled on staying with Educational Housing Services & I was so glad I did!

Educational Housing Services is a nonprofit company that offers housing for students & interns. They have several locations throughout New York so I would pick the one closest to your internship. I interned right in Times Square so for me, the New Yorker was the ideal location. I was lucky enough to be offered an internship in January so I was able to book early & secure a single room.


Although the New Yorker residence is actually located within the New Yorker Hotel, these rooms are DORMS. Several students who stayed in this residence were completely unaware of this fact & ended up being disappointed with their rooms. So know going in that you will be living in a typical dorm room & the rooms should live up to (or close to) your expectations. I found them to be very comparable to the dorms at Florida State.


I was especially pleased with the staff. Everyone was SO friendly! The day I moved in, their staff loaded all of my luggage into a cart which was delivered to my room while I checked in. The whole check in experience was super easy, organized & fast. Throughout my stay, the staff continued to be friendly & was always eager to help out or answer any questions.


I loved that EHS held socials for their residents. This definitely gives them an edge among the other types of internship housing. I did not attend many socials because I was always busy but it was always nice to have them as an option. Definitely a great way to meet new people!


I really enjoyed my experience with EHS & will definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking of interning in New York. Definitely look into all of your options & choose the option that is best for you but I am 100% happy with the decision I made. I had a great room, was minutes away from everything in New York & found some great friends! In the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Interested in staying with them? You can give them a call at (800) 385-1689. Already decided? The application process is simple. Just fill out the form & don’t forget to mention that Chandra Robrock referred you. :)