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If You’re Ever In: New York

One of my all-time favorite boutiques is LF Stores. I have visited their SoHo location two times prior to living in New York this summer & after 11 weeks of trying to find the best boutiques, LF still tops my list! I have said so many times how excited I am because next year I will FINALLY be living in New York to shop their only sale of the season. Little did I know that their spring sale would start my last day in New York. Best surprise ever!

The entire store was 60% off & will continue to be marked down until they get rid of all of their spring merchandise. The store was absolute chaos but completely worth it! If you are ever in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, or Boston during one of their AMAZING sales, I highly recommend allowing at least two hours to shop. There are so many fabulous finds but you will have to dig & walk around the store several times. Also, the lines for the dressing room & the checkout can get extremely long. I put my name down for the dressing room when I found a handful of good items but continued browsing while I was waiting for my name to be called and ended up with at least double the items. I also recommend shopping at LF prior to their sale. You will be able to get a feel of the store and at least have an idea of the items you want. All of the items I had my eye on earlier on in the summer I ended up buying at 60% off.


If You’re Ever In: New York City (Food Edition)

This summer, I interned for a public relations company in New York City. After living in New York for three months & vowing to try a new restaurant every night (although, I admit, we occasionally cheated), I found some amazing restaurant finds.

Here is the best of the best!

BEST PIZZA: Keste – best pizza in New York hands down & my overall favorite restaurant!

BEST BURRITO: Rachel’s Taqueria in Brooklyn – absolutely loved this burrito & you really can’t beat the prices.

BEST BURGER: Local West – delicious burgers whether you order a regular burger or the sliders. Eat on the rooftop deck if it is nice out!

BEST FRIES: Shorty’s – such a small town bar with delicious fries that left us coming back for more! They are known for the Philly cheesesteak.

BEST MAC & CHEESE: Southern Hospitality – whether you just want it on the side or for the main course, you really can’t go wrong. If you want different flavors of mac & cheese, try restaurants like S’mac & Macbar.

BEST SANDWICH: Alice’s Tea Cup – delicious & filling! You should also try one of their AMAZING scones for only $3. Plus, you really can’t beat the whimsical atmosphere.

BEST HOT DOG: Ditch Plains – they have something called the Ditch Dog which is a hot dog covered in mac n’ cheese! It started out as a joke until they realized how delicious it was!

BEST QUICK BITE: Shake Shack – when I just wanted to grab something quick on my way home from work, I always opted for Shake Shack. There is usually always a line but it goes quick, I promise. I recommend ordering the cheese fries – so good!

BEST PANCAKES: Clinton Baking Company – voted “Best Pancakes” in 2008 by New York Magazine. Enough said!

BEST BRUNCH: Pangea – delicious food, inexpensive prices & the perfect outdoor seating area to enjoy brunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

BEST BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH: Aspen’s Social Club – $25 gets you an entree & unlimited mimosas & bloody marys. We went here for a friend’s birthday & the inside is fabulously decorated. Great food, wonderful service & a unique atmosphere for the win!

BEST MARGARITA: Burrito Loco – the BEST.

BEST DOUGHNUTS: Doughnut Plant – so many different types of doughnuts ranging from glazed to creme brulee to peanut butter & jelly.

BEST COOKIES: Levain Bakery – these cookies are hard on the outside, soft (almost cake-like) on the inside and HUGE. I highly recommend ordering the double chocolate peanut butter cookie but you really can’t go wrong!

BEST FROZEN YOGURT: 16 Handles – in Tallahassee, I am surrounded by tons of self-serve frozen yogurt places that this place instantly felt like home to me. 16 different flavors all day, every day with tons of amazing toppings.

BEST CUPCAKE: Crumb’s Bake Shop although my other favorites include Butterlane Cupcakes & The Cupcake Stop truck. They recently came out with cobbler cupcakes which I am now addicted to. I’ve tried the apple cobbler & cherry cobbler – both delicious! Also love the cookies & cream cupcake.

BEST CAKE: Billy’s Bakery – for $5, you will get the largest & most delicious piece of cake in all of New York!

BEST DESSERT: Max Brenners – whether you want chocolate fondue, a sundae or s’mores pizza, you really can’t go wrong with Max Brenners. So go ahead & skip dinner one night to head here for dessert!

If You’re Ever In: Mountain View, CA

This week, I am vacationing in California. Yesterday, I came across a boutique called Therapy. At first glance, it appeared to be more of an odds & ends store but their clothing & jewelry selection surprised me. I found a lot of cute clothes but very rarely in my size. I’m not sure if it was because they were picked over at the time or because they only order a few items of each size (like most boutiques do). The prices were definitely reasonable. Most of the items I picked out were between $30 & $70.

After having no luck in their clothing department, I decided to check out their rings. I ended up finding two rings that I absolutely loved. I got an over-sized gold bow ring for $14 and a double finger rhinestone ring for $16. A similar double finger rhinestone ring can be found at for $101. If you are looking for rompers, fun print skirts, one shoulder dresses, odd & end gifts or the perfect accessory, you will definitely want to check this place out! They have stores in San Francisco, Mountain View, Campbell, and Burlingame. You can check Therapy out online here – online store said to be coming soon!

If You’re Ever In: Stillwater, Oklahoma

When I first saw the Rhinestone Cowgirl just across from Oklahoma State University, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. After walking around campus for a bit, I decided to go in and I am sure glad I did. The Rhinestone Cowgirl featured some of the most creative and original items (most OSU related) that made me incredible jealous that we didn’t have a store like this at Florida State. They had everything from cuter-than-the-university-bookstore shirts to school spirited necklaces to jeweled jewelry boxes & more! If you are ever in Stillwater, Oklahoma, or maybe you are an OSU student already, make sure you check out the Rhinestone Cowgirl. And while you are there, you can also check out Wooden Nickel which is only the next street over and carries a lot of popular brands and designers.

If You're Ever In: Orlando, FL

prime2Orlando is filled with ways to waste your money. From Disney World to overpriced restaurants, you may find that keeping to your budget in Orlando may be nearly impossible. If you want to shop AND save money, you have to go to Prime Outlets Orlando. I went to Orlando with my family this past week. I live in Florida so I have been to Orlando many times before but never to this outlet mall, it was simply love at first sight. Prime Outlets Orlando has 175 stores including Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Coach, Saks Off Fifth, American Apparel, Betsey Johnson and more! I doubt there are many other places where you can get a Betsey Johnson dress for only $75 or a Victoria’s Secret bra for only $10. Prime Outlets Orlando was hands down the best outlet mall I have ever been to.

So if you’re ever in Orlando, you have to check out Prime Outlets Orlando. Your wallet will thank you!