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Glam Tech: Introducing 99dresses, The World’s Largest Clothes Swap Party!

So I know I “moved on” from FSU Fashion Girl after I graduated but since I know a lot of you still read this blog and connect with me on here, I decided to write a new post spotlighting a new project that I have been working on. It’s a project that I feel like college girls will love and one that I typically would’ve written about when I was still at FSU so I figured, why not write about it here?

About a month ago, I accepted a new position at a fashion tech startup called 99dresses which just moved over from Sydney, Australia. Today, we are launching our iPhone app which lets girls all across the United States swap clothing with one another. Think of it like a clothing swap party that you can keep in your back pocket.

How It Works:

1. List your unwanted fashion items to give away on the app. We’ll immediately give you ‘buttons’ based on an item’s value.

2. Use these ‘buttons’ to claim items from other girls. All items are free – you just have to pay for shipping (unless picking up locally) and a small swap fee.

3. If multiple girls claim the same item before the 24 hour timer runs out, we’ll award the item to the most deserving girl based on each user’s karma score. Your karma score increases when you give items away and receive positive feedback on swaps.

4. Once the item has been won, we’ll email the ‘giver’ a pre-paid USPS shipping label. Wear the item until you’re bored with it, then swap it for something new!

What I love most about it is really that feeling of instant gratification. You can start claiming items as soon as you list rather than having to wait for an item to be claimed first. I also love that now all of the things in my closet that have gone unworn for far too long can be given away to a new home rather than just hanging in my closet forever or thrown away.

If you download the app, feel free to shoot me an email (chandra [at] to tell me what you think! Always here to answer any questions that you might have.

Glam Tech: My Style Fashion Assistant

If you have been a long-time follower of my blog, you may remember me writing about a fashion iPod & iPhone application called My Fashion Style Assistant. At the time, it was one of my favorite apps. I just recently got an iPhone & was so excited to start using this application again. Without an iPhone, I’ll admit, the process was timely. But now that I have an iPhone, all I have to do is snap a quick photo of the clothing item, enter the details about the garment & save it. It’s seriously that simple!

Since I first wrote about this application, tons of new (awesome) features have been added. One of the new features I am loving is the ability to filter out items while in the Mix & Match view. Instead of having to swipe through your entire closet, you can find the items you are looking for by filtering by type, category, season & color.

My all-time favorite new feature would have to be the ability to layer & accessorize each outfit. Before you could only save an outfit as a top, bottom & shoes. Now you can save the outfit & then open it again in the layer & accessorize mode which will allow you to pair the outfit with jewelry, jackets, hats, scarves, purses, belts & more!

More new features include creating packing lists, online window shopping, the ability to back up your wardrobe & email outfits to friends.

Another amazing change? The price! You can now buy this lovely, 5 star rated application for only $1.99! Such a steal!

Glam Tech: Feather Report

Fashion + Weather = Feather 

I just recently discovered another great fashion application for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad called Feather Report. It is an application that doubles as a personal stylist and weather forecaster to offer you weather-specific outfits. There really is nothing like it and it is so simple to use. Just input your zip code and instantly find out what today’s temperature will be as well as the outfit they recommend. You can then see where all the items are from as well as how much the items cost. If you like the outfit, you can add it to your favorites or purchase the items directly online.

Another great feature is the outfit search. This allows you to find your perfect outfit based on the weather, your body type and the occasion. So whether it’s hot or cold, you are curvy or thin, it’s a girl’s night out or movie night in; there’s an outfit for that!

Best of all, it’s completely FREE so download it today on iTunes!

Glam Tech: Fashion Applications for the iPhone

ipod2Who says you can’t mix and match fashion with technology?

The iPhone and iPod Touch both offer tons of different applications to download. Among them, I have found some great fashion applications. I will talk about my top three fashion applications so far.

1. – This application allows you to view exclusive runway photos and party pictures at the palm of your hand. Just open the application, click on fashion shows and scroll to find the designer you want to view. You will instantly have access to their entire runway collection with just the swipe of your finger. Amazing application for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to attend fashion week in person. Best of all, it is FREE!

2. My Style Fashion Assistant - I just downloaded this application yesterday but I am already in love! I am a huge fan of free applications and occasionally a $0.99 application but when I stumbled upon My Style Fashion Assistant, I just could not resist. This application allows you to basically import your entire closet onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can either import these photos by using the camera on your iPhone or you can upload them from your photos. Once your photo is uploaded, you can then categorize into what type of clothing it is, what brand it is and into what you would wear this item for (going out, casual, working out, fancy, business). Now you can view the items in your closet individually or mix and match the items into an outfit that you can save and refer back to later. Amazing! This application also lets you keep track of what you wore on what day with a fashion calendar and keep track of the items you want with a “fitting room.” Seriously, amazing application! Well worth the $4.99.


*TIP* For the best results, make sure you try to take the picture on a solid white background or use Corel Paint Shop Pro to get rid of the background. Paint Shop Pro makes it easy to get rid of almost any background with their background eraser. I take the pictures on the ground with my digital camera since I have an iPod Touch. I then upload them onto my computer using Paint Shop Pro, re-size the image to a smaller size, crop the image to get rid of excess background that would distort the image and then erase the background. This program really makes it extremely easy to do all of this!

3. Shop Style- This program is great if you just want to do some online shopping. You can shop by brand and shop by what you are looking for or just check out there entire collection. You can also filter items by price and sale. If you love then definitely check out this application. Definitely a great application for people who like to shop while on the road and best of all, it is FREE.

Know of any other great fashion applications? Let me know and I will definitely check them out!

Update 3/26/10 – To celebrate Spring 2010, the people from My Style Fashion Assistant will be giving away 50 free downloads of the number one iPhone / iPad Touch fashion app.  If you would like to join the My Style Fashion Assistant community, have them e-mail us at and make sure to tell them that Chandra from sent you. :)