11/27/11 Events: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party
11/3/11 Cool Job Alert: Intern Queen Campus Ambassador!
10/23/11 Events: Things to Do in Tally this Week!
10/19/11 Top Five: Favorite Brands of All Time
10/12/11 Spotlight On: The NEW Kembrel
10/11/11 Events: Urban Outfitters Invades Tallahassee!
9/28/11 Intern Life: New York Fashion Week
9/6/11 Beauty Products: Clarisonic Mia
8/28/11 College Life: A Look Back
8/25/11 Intern Life: Educational Housing Services
8/23/11 If You’re Ever In: New York
8/19/11 Spotlight On: Collegiate Gameday Bracelets
8/15/11 If You’re Ever In: New York City (Food Edition)
7/17/11 Events: NYC Intern Queen Party
6/9/11 Red Carpet: CFDA Awards 2011
6/5/11 Top Five: New York City iPhone Applications
5/24/11 Home Decor: Decor 2 Ur Door Bedding
5/20/11 How To: Pack for Your Summer Internship
5/17/11 Cool Job Alert: Stella & Dot Entrepreneur Program
5/11/11 Trend To Try: Sheer Maxi Skirt
4/5/11 Trend To Try: Color-Blocking
3/23/11 Events: CLUTCH Magazine Release Party Recap
3/21/11 Glam Tech: My Style Fashion Assistant
3/8/11 Spotlight On: ShoeDazzle
3/1/11 Spotlight On: GLAM Gyrlz
2/24/11 Events: CLUTCH Magazine Release Party!
2/22/11 Fashion Books: Style by Lauren Conrad
1/6/11 Cool Job Alert: VS PINK Campus Rep
12/30/10 A Fashion Year in Review: 2010!
12/23/10 Splurge vs. Save: Kate Spade Glitter Pumps
12/20/10 Trend to Try: Animal Hats
12/10/10 Celebrity Inspiration: Katy Perry
12/8/10 Splurge vs. Save: Holiday Bow Ring
12/6/10 Must-Have: Four-Finger Clutch
11/30/10 College Life: What I Learned By Interning
11/24/10 Beauty Products: Best of 2010
11/14/10 Must-Haves: Fall 2010
11/8/10 Events: Fall Fashion Week 2010
10/28/10 Events: CLUTCH Magazine Release Party
10/26/10 Spotlight On: Kembrel
9/30/10 Spotlight On: The Tracy Zych Team Spirit Collection
9/28/10 Events: #CampusFashion
9/26/10 Shop Local: Urban Thread
9/20/10 Trend to Try: The Romper
9/17/10 Spotlight On: My Little Girl Custom Hair Bows
9/5/10 Contests: CLUTCH Magazine Makeover Contest
9/1/10 Top Five: Reasons to Join CMA
8/28/10 College Life: Gameday Fashion
8/24/10 How To: Dress Cute in this Hot Summer Heat
8/16/10 How To: Wear a Lace Top
8/13/10 Trend To Try: The Jean Jacket
8/10/10 Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards 2010
8/8/10 Top Five: Back to School Trends
8/5/10 Spotlight On: VS PINK’s NFL Collection
8/4/10 Must-Have: The Perfect Purse
8/2/10 College Life: Study Byte
7/31/10 Top Five: Ways to Use Polyvore
7/29/10 If You’re Ever In: Mountain View, CA
7/26/10 Home Decor: Liv Chic
7/21/10 Trend to Try: Free Spirit
7/18/10 Spotlight On: FSU’s CLUTCH Magazine Goes Virtual
7/14/10 How To: Save $1000 on Designer Clothes
7/12/10 Cheap Finds: Free People 34th Street Tunic
7/10/10 Home Decor: Decor 2 Ur Door FSU Bedding
7/8/10 College Life: Design Your Dorm
7/7/10 Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars
7/1/10 Musical Obsessions: Christina Perri
6/30/10 Beauty Products: MAC Alice & Olivia
6/22/10 Spotlight On: Sock Theory
6/19/10 Glam Tech: Feather Report
6/15/10 Inspired By: MTV’s “The City”
6/13/10 Cool Job Alert: Social Media Manager for American Eagle Outfitters
6/5/10 Spotlight On: Intern Queen Inc.
6/4/10 Must-Haves: Summer 2010
5/26/10 Contests: TVFU Canon Student Photographers
5/18/10 If You’re Ever In: Stillwater, Oklahoma
5/12/10 Contests: FSU Fashion Girl’s One Year Giveaway
5/10/10 Home Decor: Decor 2 Ur Door
5/4/10 Top Five: Things To Do This Summer
4/27/10 Top Five: Ways to Pull Off Braids
4/26/10 Must-Have: Graduation Gift for 2010, part two
4/23/10 Red Carpet: Teresa Palmer at New York Fashion Week
4/22/10 Spotlight On; The CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship
4/19/10 Red Carpet: Country Music Awards 2010
4/18/10 Shop Local: Quarter Moon Imports
4/16/10 Events: Final CMA Meeting of the Semester
4/14/10 Contests: Dujour Magazine Cover Contest
4/12/10 Must-Have: Graduation Gift for 2010
4/11/10 Fashion Books: The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style
4/5/10 Cheap Finds: T.J. Maxx
3/28/10 Shop Local: Cole Couture
3/25/10 Spotlight On: VS PINK Major League Baseball Collection
3/24/10 Celebrity Inspiration: Rachel Bilson
3/20/10 Top Five: Floral Dresses
3/18/10 Events: CMA’s Spring Fashion Show 2010
3/17/10 Events: VS PINK Collegiate Showdown
3/14/10 Events: Rent a Puppy
3/1/10 Events: CMA Meeting 3/2
2/28/10 Top Five: Spring Break Essentials
2/25/10 Events: VS PINK Campus Tour
2/24/10 Events: Henri Girl Blowout Sale
2/23/10 Trend to Try: The Boyfriend Blazer
2/18/10 Events: Clutch Magazine Spring 2010
2/17/10 Events: VS PINK Invades Sunberry
2/17/10 College Life: Interview and Resume Tips from BCBG
2/12/10 Events: CMA Meeting on Tuesday
1/25/10 Top Five: Worthy Investments
1/18/10 Events: Collegiate Merchandising Association Spring 2010
1/13/10 Fashion Books: You Know You Want It
1/10/10 Beauty: 24/7 Make-Up by Urban Decay
1/6/10 As Seen On: The Veronicas
1/5/10 How To: Declutter Your Closet
11/16/09 Top Five: Headbands & How to Wear Them
10/29/09 Events: Teen Vogue Fashion U 2009
10/2/09 Events: Sale at Henri Girl Boutique
9/21/09 Red Carpet: Olivia Wilde at the Emmy’s
9/20/09 Events: Clinique Fresh Faces Tour
9/17/09 Spotlight On: Collegiate Merchandising Association
9/3/09 Events: Fashion’s Night Out
9/1/09 Beauty Product: Barbie Smudge Pots
8/25/09 College Life: VS Pink Back to School Deals
8/21/09 Top Five: Leggings and Tights
8/17/09 College Life: Save Money on Textbooks
8/14/09 Cool Job Alert: Sex and The City 2 Intern
8/13/09 Must-Have: The Basic Tee
8/11/09 Home Decor: Furnish Your Home For Less
8/10/09 College Life: VS Pink Mesh Football Jerseys
8/3/09 Fashion Books: The Teen Vogue Handbook
8/2/09 Cheap Finds: Nina Gimore Heel
7/31/09 Must-Have: Free People High Waisted Skirt
7/26/09 Top Five: Beauty Finds
7/22/09 Home Decor: Koko Company Pillows
7/19/09 5 Ways To Double Your Wardrobe
7/14/09 Fashion Books: Influence
7/12/09 Splurge vs Save: Friendship Bracelets
7/9/09 Trend To Try: Denim Leggings
7/8/09 Must-Have: Free People Bronte Lace Top
7/7/09 Spotlight On: Denim Therapy
7/5/09 Celebrity Inspiration: Lauren Conrad
6/30/09 Top Five: Summer Accessories
6/25/09 Trend To Try: Black Lace
6/22/09 Inspired By: Confessions of a Shopaholic
6/22/09 College Life: Design Your Dorm
6/19/09 Spotlight On: VS Pink Collegiate Collection
6/8/09 Glam Tech: Fashion Applications for the iPhone
6/6/09 Celebrity Inspiration: Paris Hilton
6/2/09 Spotlight on Ulta Beauty
5/29/09 Splurge vs. Save: Peace Bracelet
5/27/09 Top Five: Graduation Gifts for 2009
5/25/09 If You’re Ever In: Orlando, FL
5/16/09 How To: Dress Like Serena and Blair
5/14/09 My Top Five Must-Haves for Summer 09
5/12/09 Spotlight On: Dujour Magazine
5/12/09 Welcome to FSU Fashion Girl

8/24/11 Get Your Wrists Gameday Ready with FSU Fashion Girl’s New Line Intern Queen Inc.
8/24/11 Repeat Meet’N'Greet: Chandra Robrock Repeat Possessions
8/23/11 Get Your Wrists Gameday Ready! CLUTCH Magazine
8/20/11 Game Day Bracelets by FSU Fashion Girl The Fashion Grad
8/18/11 Game Day Glam La Petite Fashionista
8/18/11 Most Fashionable Colleges HerCampus
6/7/11 My Style Fashion Assistant Turns Two! My Style Fashion Assistant
3/18/11 CLUTCH Magazine Spring 2011 Release Party Fashion & Favorites
3/1/11 Social Media Intern Chandra Kara Ross NY
12/27/10 Meet Chandra, Public Relations CLUTCH Magazine
11/14/10 Should You Do An Internship During the Semester? HerCampus
8/13/10 7 Practical Tips on How College Students Can Save Thousands Pathway Communications
8/10/10 Headband Crave Polish My Crown

3/29/11 Trend to Try: Color-Blocking Kara Ross NY
2/11/11 The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present Kara Ross NY
2/4/11 Best Dressed at the 2011 SAG Awards Kara Ross NY
1/31/11 Inspiration: Moschino Cheap & Chic Kara Ross NY
1/25/11 My Tips for Business Attire with a Twist Intern Queen Inc.
10/21/10 Tallahassee Intern Must-Haves Intern Queen Inc.
10/13/10 Intern Queen Obsessions – Kembrel Intern Queen Inc.
7/20/10 Furnish Your Home (or Dorm) for Less! DesignYourDorm Blog
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