Glam Tech: Feather Report

Fashion + Weather = Feather 

I just recently discovered another great fashion application for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad called Feather Report. It is an application that doubles as a personal stylist and weather forecaster to offer you weather-specific outfits. There really is nothing like it and it is so simple to use. Just input your zip code and instantly find out what today’s temperature will be as well as the outfit they recommend. You can then see where all the items are from as well as how much the items cost. If you like the outfit, you can add it to your favorites or purchase the items directly online.

Another great feature is the outfit search. This allows you to find your perfect outfit based on the weather, your body type and the occasion. So whether it’s hot or cold, you are curvy or thin, it’s a girl’s night out or movie night in; there’s an outfit for that!

Best of all, it’s completely FREE so download it today on iTunes!

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